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Cannabis: high time South Africa legalises the drug?

cannabisBy Marika Sboros

I would never accuse members of South Africa’s Central Drug Authority (CDA) of smoking cannabis – or “dagga” as it is more popularly known. However, the CDA’s views on drug-law reform suggest they are smoking something.

In the June edition of the SAMJ (South African Medical Journal), executive member Dr Dan Stein had interesting things to say. For starters, the CDA now favours “decriminalisation rather than the legalisation of cannabis” for personal use.  It has vigorously opposed that previously. Now it accepts that alcohol causes more harm globally than cannabis causes.

Those can seem like two big steps forward – or not. Cape Town GP Dr Keith Scott would say: “Not”. In a recent issue of the SAMJ, Scott lights up the debate on the drug’s benefits versus risks.


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MARIJUANA is unfairly demonised, say experts. It is no more a gateway drug than tobacco and alcohol are. It is a common plant with compounds that make it useful for pain control, and to treat illnesses ranging from cancer to neurological disease, eye disease (glaucoma), asthma and epilepsy. Here’s a look at the medical marijuana debate worldwide.

By Marika Sboros

In South Africa, it is known as “dagga”, “grass”, “dope” or pot” and grows widely – and wildly – like the weed it is. In other parts of the world it is commonly called marijuana or cannabis.

Whatever you like to call it, marijuana is medicine. You can smoke it just to get “high”,  but this