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    Dr Cate Shanahan’s training is in family medicine with a background in biochemistry and genetics, from Cornell. Dr Shanahan helps employers improve productivity and reduce healthcare costs by cultivating healthy individual and organization-wide behavior and skills. She has authored three books including Deep Nutrition: Why Your Genes Need Traditional Food and THE FATBURN FIX, with MacMillan, released in March 2020.

    She has served as independent advisor or consultant to dozens of companies and organizations throughout the world including the LA Lakers, OKC Thunder, Villanova Basketball, beliv – CBC Beverages, & Natural Stacks. In 2011, Dr Shanahan created a nutrition program for the LA Lakers that many NBA and professional sports teams have emulated. This program, along with the 2008 edition of Deep Nutrition, is credited with helping spark the current bone-broth and collagen craze, as well as inspiring thought leaders in the nutrition and keto space.

    Since 2018, she has assisted ABC Fine Wines and Spirits optimize the health of their 1600+ employees and family members by providing concierge care and creating educational programs. Objective markers of success include biomarkers and elimination of medications.  For more information,  call +1 203 236 1818 or learn more at DrCate.com. 

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