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    Dr Carlos E Moreyra is an orthopaedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist at Jackson Hospital in Marianna, Florida.  In his hospital practice, Dr Moreyra sees a variety of common orthopaedic conditions, such as fractures, carpal tunnel syndrome, knee and hip arthritis, shoulder and knee injuries, overuse and sports-related injuries. He sees common injuries in children as well. He regularly discusses dietary and lifestyle changes to address chronic health issues that are not orthopaedic in nature but that have orthopaedic implications. 

    Dr Moreyra says that much of orthopaedics consists of addressing the end result of chronic disease but without much counselling and education on addressing the root cause. He spends significant time addressing root causes of chronic disease, in the hopes of helping patients improve their health not just simply addressing their symptoms. Where controversy exists in management of care, he follows sound clinical judgment and best-available evidence. He offers surgery only where there is a clinical indication for it. When both non-operative and operative solutions are reasonable treatment options for the patient, he presents and discusses both. His goals for patients are for them to get better and improve the quality and longevity of their lives, whether that requires surgery or not.

    Dr Moreyra is also a reservist in the US Navy. After years as a Navy flight surgeon and a civilian clinical research associate consultant, he completed his residency in orthopaedic surgery at Temple University Hospital and a sports medicine fellowship at the University of Illinois at Chicago. After fellowship, he voluntarily returned to active duty for four years, including a seven-month deployment to the US Navy-operated Role 3 Combat Hospital in Kandahar, Afghanistan. For more information, call +1 850-482-0017, email cmoreyra@jackhosp.org, visit his website at  www.carlosemoreyramd.com or follow him on Twitter @moreyraortho


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