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    Mona Cummings runs BantingUSA. It is a social media brand that supports individuals voluntarily shifting to a real-food nutritional lifestyle, through the utilization of a low- carb dietary approach. Mona’s headquarters are in Fresno, California. She is also active on Facebook and Twitter. BantingUSA postings include current nutritional research, recipes, food photos, personal testimonials, fitness information, and more. Mona has worked closely with Dr Austin Jeans, author of The Low-Carb Companion, in a collaborative effort to offer health and wellness retreats, low-carb cooking classes, and weight-loss safaris (www.sazims.com). You can contact her online at BantingUSA or email mona@cummings.bz.


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    Dr Cathy Dudick MD works as a trauma surgeon and surgical intensivist in the US. As she watched the evolution of care and patients in the ICU over the last decade, it became clear that the focus of modern medicine on drugs and interventions has resulted in more people living longer with chronic disease, and has done little to enhance overall health. In fact, she says patients are older, sicker and on more medication, and signs of chronic disease start earlier, with one in three children and one in two adults being prediabetic. Dr Cathy (cathydudick.com) has partnered with LCHF clinicians such as Dr Phil Maffetone and Dr Mark Cucuzella to empower her clients to recover their health and believes doctors must lead by example.      


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    Christine Lehmann, MA, NTP/Reverse Diabetes Coach/Nutrition and Wellness Consulting, is a nutritionist who helps people to  reverse type 2 diabetes naturally and prevent its medical complications. Her  effective strategy combines a whole-foods low-carb diet, exercise, stress management and supplements. She also treats conditions that can lead to type 2 diabetes including prediabetes, metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance and polycystic ovarian syndrome. She sees clients by Skype video and in person at her metro Washington DC office. She is available after hours and at weekends.      


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    Amy Berger  (Tuit Nutrition, www.tuitnutrition.com) has a passion is sharing her knowledge about how amazing people can feel when they correct their body’s chemistry by ditching refined carbohydrates and eating delicious foods they’ve been avoiding for too long: red meat, butter, cheese, bacon, and more. She specializes in helping people get started and  doing troubleshooting with low-carb diets for weight loss, blood sugar management, improved energy levels, hormone balance, fertility, and more. She also focuses on ketogenic diets for neurological issues, neuromuscular conditions, and overall brain health and cognitive function. She advocates that real men and women need real food, not lettuce!  


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    Andrew Wodecki is a Doctor of Optometry in the US. He is involved in primary eyecare at a military health clinic/hospital and is Low Vision Clinic Director at the Blind & Visually Impaired Center of Monterey County. He is an associate at the Hattori Vision in Monterey. He has spoken at low vision seminars on macular degeneration and has developed vision training programs for athletes and individuals with visual disabilities. For more info, visit http://blindandlowvision.org/lvclinic/coordprofi/index.html. He also writes the low-carb optometrist at lowcarboptometrist.blogspot.co.uk/


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    Dr Robert Cwyes is a child, adolescent and adult bariatric surgeon. His practice involves child, adolescent and adult obesity management and research using a carbohydrate addiction, cognitive behavioral model to treat patients with obesity and associated metabolic diseases. He treats the cause of obesity, type II diabetes, hypertension, lipid and cholesterol abnormalities. Weight loss surgery is used as a tool to help some patients on their journey to become a healthier more effective human being. He does ongoing research into effects of his treatment regime on the remission rates of obesity, Type II diabetes and dislipidemia.