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    Address: Concord Orthosports Metabolic Clinic, 47 Burwood Road
    New South Wales

    Australian Dr Paul Mason is a ┬ámedical doctor with a special interest in helping patients lose weight using low- carbohydrate ketogenic diets at the Concord Orthosports Metabolic Clinic and Randwick Orthosports. He has been on a low-carb diet for four years, which has helped him to understand the practical problems his patients face. Dr Mason uses comprehensive testing includes insulin and leptin levels to personalise the management of each patient. He also uses LDL cholesterol sub-fraction analysis and omega 3 index measurements as part of a thorough health assessment. Every patient receives individual advice and support including specific education, recipes, a personal ketone monitor and access to an accredited dietitian with over 20 years experience. This approach has proven very effective in helping patients lose weight and reduce their diabetic medications, even when strategies such as gastric banding have previously failed. For more info, call (02) 9744 2666 or visit www.orthosports.com.au