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    Address: 137 Brompton Rd
    Greater London
    SW3 1QF
    United Kingdom

    Morné Welgemoed is a holistic health, life and LCHF/Keto coach and a master personal trainer with 20 years professional experience in the health and well-being industry in London. Morné believes that being healthy and looking and feeling best should be fun and easy not a lifelong struggle. He believes that health does not have to come at the expense of a busy lifestyle,  business or career. Morné specializes in helping busy professionals adapt to a Banting/LCHF and ketogenic lifestyle. He creates bespoke, enjoyable, flexible and sustainable healthy lifestyles for his clients that they may have the health, energy, and longevity to fully enjoy the fruits of their labour. He practices what he preaches: Morné has lost close to 40kg after adopting an LCHF lifestyle and has never looked back. For more information, or for a complimentary consultation, call +447751967429, email him at mw@mornewelgemoed.com or visit his website at mornewelgemoed.com