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    Address: 4657 S Lakeshore Dr
    United States

    Dr Mona Morstein is a naturopathic physician and founder and executive director of the Low Carb Diabetes Association (LCDA) in Tempe, Arizona. LCDA is a nonprofit organization committed to educating patients, caregivers, medical practitioners, businesses and the world-wide community about comprehensive integrative medicine to prevent and successfully treat all types of diabetes, enabling patients to live long, healthy lives without diabetic complications.  Dr Morstein’s focus is on teaching “The Eight Essentials”: diet, exercise, sleep, stress management, intestinal health, detoxification, supplementation and medication. She says these categories of treatment “empower people to overcome the worldwide diabetes crisis and be victors, not victims, of diabetes”. Dr Morstein is author of Mastering Diabetes: From Victim To Victor (with publisher). You can email her at  contact@lowcarbdiabetes.org, monamnd@gmail.com or telephone 480-284-8115.