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    Address: Gyvelvej 14 Nødebo
    Fredensborg Municipality

    Misha Sakharoff is an integrative health engineer, Buteyko Breathing Educator and creator of Sakharoff Protocol for fully-measurable reversal of lifestyle disease, based in Denmark. The Sakharoff Protocol is universal and helps to treat health conditions such as asthma, diabetes, cardiovascular, cancer and other diseases by restoring the interplay between five main areas of health. These combine nutrition, breathing, mental-, physical- and immune-resilience through one multi-purpose training process that creates strong synergetic healing. His nutritional work combines therapeutic grade ketogenic, zero-carb, caloric restriction with fasting – intermittent, extended and 5:2. He takes clients one on one and runs supervised 50-weeks online courses based on Sakharoff Protocol. He is also a blogger, public speaker and  podcaster. For more information, you can email misha@sakharoff.com or visit him at www.sakharoff.com and www.thrivepostcancer.com.