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    Address: Boulder
    United States

    Canadian-born L Amber O’Hearn received her M SC from the University of Toronto, where she studied mathematics and computer science. She has published research in a variety of fields, including theoretical math and cognitive psychology. In 2012, she began writing on the web about her findings in the field of nutrition, with the specific aim of exploring points of confusion about dietary modifications and their effects on biomarkers of health. Her interests include ketogenic diets, mood disorders, and ageing. She is also a blogger and writes from powerful, personal experience on the benefits of a ketogenic diet on her websites: www.ketotic.org and www.empiri.ca. South African scientist Prof Tim Noakes introduced Amber’s research on optimal weaning from an evolutionary perspective into evidence at his trial in South Africa. He is facing a charge of unprofessional conduct for a single tweet in which he told a breastfeeding mother that good first foods for infant weaning are low-carb, high-fat.