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    Category: DOCTORS
    Address: Ulaishah, King Saud Medical City
    Riyadh Province
    Saudi Arabia

    Dr Mohammad Altayaran is a radiologist in KSMC in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia who can offer medical diagnostics for patients, he can correlate clinical, lab data with imaging that help in diagnosis. He has an interest in low-carb evidence and can correlate the changes via imaging. Although a visit to a primary physician or specialist is required initially to evaluate the patient, the radiologist communicates with the physicians and patients to individualize the imaging exam and to give an appropriate diagnosis, and recommendations. For more information, you can email him on Altayaran.m@gmail.com or follow him on Twitter @DeepKetosis.  


    Category: DOCTORS
    Address: 115 Mill St
    United States

    Dr Chris Palmer is a psychiatrist and assistant professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, working at the interface of metabolic and mental disorders. He has been pioneering the use of the ketogenic diet as a treatment for psychiatric disorders. Dr Palmer has used the low-carbohydrate and ketogenic diets in practice for over 15 years now, mostly for weight loss. Recently, he has found an anti-psychotic and mood-stabilizing effect from specific types of the ketogenic diet. Now he is pursuing clinical research in this area to better understand the topic. As a result, he is in demand as a speaker at national and international conferences on this topic. In addition, he is also consulting to patients from around the world. For more information, you can call +1 617-855-2180, email cpalmer@partners.org, visit his website and follow him on Twitter @ChrisPalmerMD, Facebook and Instagram.  


    Category: DOCTORS
    Address: TCP Model Hospital Sholam
    Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

    Dr Iftikhar Kazi is an internist at TCP Model Hospital Sholam in Wana, Pakistan, who supports low-carb dietary therapies to treat and prevent serious chronic diseases. For more information, you can call him on +923159373734 or email iftikharkazi@gmail.com.


    Address: 936 Jacques St
    South Africa

    Michelle Mellet is a South African registered dietitian at Metabolica Med in Pretoria. She graduated with a Bachelor of Dietetics degree from the University of Pretoria and completed her community service at Tambo Memorial Hospital in Boksburg in 2018. Michelle has a special interest in weight loss, diabetes and sports nutrition. She is passionate about empowering and providing support to all individuals who wish to make better food and lifestyle choices. She works mostly with low-carb, high-fat  (LCHF) and ketogenic diets. For more information, please call +27 83 257 1868, email her at michelle.mellet@metabolicamed.co.za or visit the Metabolica Med website at http://metabolicamed.co.za.


    Address: 1870 Internationale Blvd
    Glendale Heights
    United States

    Dr Anthony Gustin, DC, MS, is an American board-certified sports chiropractor, functional medicine practitioner, entrepreneur, podcast host, food skeptic and CEO of Perfect Keto. He holds a Biology degree, a Bachelor of Science in Human Anatomy, a Masters of Science in Exercise and Sports Science (MS) and a Doctorate in Chiropractic (DC). Dr Gustin is also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician (CCSP). He follows a low-carb, keto approach to nutrition advice. For more information, you can email him at dranthonygustin.com, follow him on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


    Address: Keto Coaching
    Central Netherlands
    3571 KG

    Sevi Rutgrink is a nutritionist and keto coach based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Sevi has first-hand experience of the benefits of low-carb, high healthy-fat (LCHF) and keto therapies. She solved her own health issues that included leaky gut syndrome, IBS and Raynaud’s syndrome after doing intensive research and finally settling on a ketogenic lifestyle. As a result, she has been 100% symptom-free since. That has made her passionate about helping others to achieve optimal health. In her keto coaching practice and as a personal keto coach, she understands that the transition to a ketogenic diet is not always easy and both practical and emotional support is vital in the first months. For more information, contact Sevi on email sevirutgrink.ketocoaching@gmail.com or visit her international and Dutch websites at https://sevirutgrink-ketocoaching.com/ and https://sevirutgrink-ketocoaching.nl/ or her Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ketonederland/.  


    Address: Cochrane Street,
    Hong Kong
    Hong Kong Island
    Hong Kong (SAR)

    Oliver Smith is a kinesiologist and nutrition specialist at Kinesiology Asia. He offers a personalised Ketogenic Program, which aims to provide guidance and support for clients on reaping the maximum health benefits of going ketogenic (very low-carb, high-fat). He says that kinesiology can help to optimise the ketogenic diet for the body’s needs and r specific health goals. That’s in addition to helping to restore balance to the gastrointestinal system naturally and holistically. For more information, please email Oliver at oliver@kinesiologyasia.com or visit the website at http://kinesiologyasia.com/keto/.  


    Address: 1537 Lynndale Dr
    Saint Charles
    United States

    Christopher Becker is Coach Becker, an online keto coach at Ketology.co. He helps those struggling with obesity to get the results they crave. Coach Becker says that knowing what to do isn’t enough. It’s important to put that knowledge into action and that’s how he can help. His motto: The Right Mindset + A Solid Plan + Consistent Action = Life-Changing Results! For more information, email him at coach@ketology.co or visit ketology.co website at www.ketology.co.


    Address: 3141 Okemos Road, Suite 11
    Meridian charter Township
    United States

    Ideal Weight Loss, Health & Wellness is a practice of dietitians and nutritionists who work with individuals for their own health and weight loss needs. They offer support and accountability through one-on-one coaching in their office, over Skype, and by text.  They teach the importance of understanding how to feed your body for nutritional needs rather than to feel full.  An important part of creating a healthy lifestyle is by changing clients and patients’ ideas and previous habits surrounding food. Their primary focus is on teaching a nutritional ketogenic lifestyle (low carb, high fat). Fat does not make your fat, it makes you full! Program Director, Susan Radway struggled with several autoimmune diseases and had been debilitated for four months during her 11-year struggle. After losing 50lbs in 2012 and relearning how to eat, she restored her own health. The practice’s entire staff has lost a total of 150lbs. They understand the struggle and know how to prevent you from gaining it back. For more information, email them at  idealhealthandwellness@outlook.com, visit their website www.idealweightlossmi.com  or chat on their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/IdealweightlossOkemos/


    Address: Keto Carole
    United States

    Carole Freeman, MS, CN, CHt, helps people achieve sustainable weight loss with her Fast-Track to Keto Success program that addresses both the nutrition and psychology of a well-formulated ketogenic diet. A graduate of Bastyr University in Kenmore, WA,  with both a master’s degree in Nutrition and Clinical Health Psychology, Carole is a Certified Nutritionist, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, and Ketogenic Diet Implementation Specialist. She is also a soon to be published author. After a disabling car accident in 2014, Carole discovered the power of the ketogenic diet to heal her brain and chronic pain as well as a delicious way of eating for long-lasting weight loss. For more information, you can email her at info@KetoCarole.com or visit her website at http://www.ketocarole.com/


    Address: 160 Milne Dr
    New Zealand

    Gary Hayman is a New Zealand-based coach and activist who works to educate people on how to become sugar-free and seed oil-free too, one day at a time. He then shows them how to transition easily to a low-carb, high-fat lifestyle. Better still, Hayman speaks from the power of personal experience of the benefits. For more information, visit his website and blog at NZ Sugar Free  (http://www.nzsugarfree.co.nz/) or email him at nzsugarfree@gmail.com.      


    Category: DOCTORS
    Address: Hidász u. 3/A

    Dr Csaba  Tóth is medical doctor and part of a team at the Evolutionary Medicine Working Group at Paleomedicina Hungary in Budapest that has been using the paleolithic ketogenic diet for six years to treat chronic diseases. These include type 2 diabetes, hypertension, allergy, infertility and thyroid diseases. The team also manages autoimmune diseases. The doctors say that they have gained much experience in type 1 diabetes and Crohn’s disease. Dr Tóth says it is their experience that the paleolithic ketogenic diet is “much more effective than the classical form of the ketogenic diet in fighting cancer. In many cases, we are using the paleolithic ketogenic diet as a stand-alone therapy. We are striving for the full recovery of our patients.” For more information, you can email him at paleomedicina@gmail.com.        


    Address: PO Box 389
    United States

    Miriam Kalamian is a US board-certified nutrition professional and a ketogenic nutrition educator, consultant and coach at Dietary Therapies in Hamilton, Montana. As an educator, she consults with individuals and groups who are interested in implementing a ketogenic diet as an adjunct therapy in cancer and neurodegenerative disease. As a consultant, she edits books and prepares educational materials that teach fundamentals of ketogenic diet therapy to healthcare and other interested professionals. Miriam’s book, Keto for Cancer: The Ketogenic Diet as a Targeted Nutritional Strategy (based on the metabolic theory of cancer) is scheduled for release by Chelsea Green Publishing in September 2017.


    Address: The Low Carb Diabetic, Knightsbridge
    Greater London
    United Kingdom

    Eddie Mitchell is the brains behind the successful The Low Carb Diabetic website. It is a small band of mostly diabetics, both type 1 and type 2, all low-carbers. Through the correct diet and regular exercise, all have achieved safe control and non-diabetic blood glucose numbers. They say that this has been easy to achieve. On the website, Mitchell and colleagues post links to diabetes-related articles and low-carb food advice and recipes. They challenge the outdated dogma that encourages diabetics to base their diet, on blood glucose-raising, highly processed carbohydrates. They work at demolishing the myths that say that natural and healthy saturated fats cause chronic diseases. For more information, you can email lowcarbdiabetic@aol.com.


    Address: Boulder
    United States

    Canadian-born L Amber O’Hearn received her M SC from the University of Toronto, where she studied mathematics and computer science. She has published research in a variety of fields, including theoretical math and cognitive psychology. In 2012, she began writing on the web about her findings in the field of nutrition, with the specific aim of exploring points of confusion about dietary modifications and their effects on biomarkers of health. Her interests include ketogenic diets, mood disorders, and ageing. She is also a blogger and writes from powerful, personal experience on the benefits of a ketogenic diet on her websites: www.ketotic.org and www.empiri.ca. South African scientist Prof Tim Noakes introduced Amber’s research on optimal weaning from an evolutionary perspective into evidence at his trial in South Africa. He is facing a charge of unprofessional conduct for a single tweet in which he told a breastfeeding mother that good first foods for infant weaning are low-carb, high-fat.


    Address: St Pier's Ln
    United Kingdom

    Emma Williams is founder and CEO of  Matthew’s Friends – Ketogenic Dietary Therapies (Charity & Clinic) in the UK. The staff members are specialists in medical ketogenic dietary therapies for chronic conditions such as complex epilepsy, glut 1 deficiency syndrome and brain tumours.  Emma and her team operate a charity and a clinic for medical professionals as well as provide training courses in the administration of ketogenic therapy. The charity has branches in New Zealand and Canada. For information, you can email enq@matthewsfriends.org        


    Address: 7119 West Sunset Blvd
    Los Angeles
    United States

    Stephanie Person is a personal trainer and low-carb, keto coach and activist. She started educating herself about the benefits of low-carb and keto-adaptation when trying to drive ketosis in her mother, who was suffering from what doctors diagnosed as terminal glioblastoma brain tumor. Doctors gave her six months to live. Stephanie dramatically lowered her mother’s carbohydrate intake and raised her dietary fats exponentially. Immediately, her mother’s cancer growth stopped. Seven years later, her mother is alive, well and by all accounts, cancer-free. Stephanie began using ketosis on herself, with powerful health improvements. She extended that to friends and personal training clients. Over two years, she coached eight subjects with 100% improvement in their weight loss goals. Since then, she has keto-coached 84 clients with excellent results. She also does online consultations. For more information, visit her website at  stephanieperson.com


    Category: DOCTORS
    Address: Radiation Oncology Consultants, 4405 Weaver Pkwy,
    United States

    Dr Christy Kesslering is a radiation oncologist who recommends the ketogenic and low-carb, high-fat diets to patients her practice in  Warrenville, Illinois. For more information, call (630) 352-5350 or visit www.chicagocancer.org    


    Category: DOCTORS
    Address: N/A
    United Kingdom

    Dr Angharad Powell is a locum GP working in North Wales AND currently studying for a masters in nutritional medicine. She believes in health through nutrition, including low-carb, high-fat foods and ketogenic diet therapies. You can follow her on Twitter  @ape_owl78  


    Address: Life in the Sane Lane, 7829 Center Blvd SE,
    United States

     Carrie Brown is a professional pastry-chef-turned-cookbook-author-recipe-developer-freelance-photographer with a crazy, four-country, three-continent-spanning resume.  She  trained at the National Bakery School in London and has turned her pastry chef talents to creating scrumptious low-carb, LCHF and keto  food to help people  eat smarter, live better, and put the health back into healthy. Carrie is a food and lifestyle blogger, cookbook author, and podcast co-host at The Ketovangelist with Brian Williamson. She  spent three years working alongside Jonathan Bailor  to launch his books,  The Calorie Myth and The Smarter Science of Slim.  She has  published 4 Eat Smarter cookbooks to make eating healthy and losing weight the most delicious thing you ever do. For more information, visit her website at www.cariiebrown.com