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    Address: Dřevařská 2080/71
    Olomouc Region
    785 01
    Czech Republic

    Jan Vyjidak is a solicitor, medical lawyer and management consultant, focusing on patient outcomes and quality of care in the UK, Czech Republic, Slovakia, as well as Portugal, Hungary, Spain and Latin America.  He works with clinical teams in hospitals and other health professionals on projects aiming to improve clinical care and patient outcomes, and build bridges between data, people and medical practice. Jan also collaborates with the Public Health Collaboration UK. He has been researching energy metabolism, including carbohydrate restriction and fasting, for 10 years and has been involved in work on obesity, diabetes, autoimmune, neurological and other chronic diseases. His goal is to help overhaul the teaching of nutrition at medical schools around the world.  For more info, visit him on  https://uk.linkedin.com/in/janvyjidak