Tag: Jacksons Real Food Market


    Address: 300 Bryanstone Drive
    South Africa

    Jacksons Real Food Market is a haven for foodies who want to learn, taste, sample and relax while shopping. Run by Gary Jackson, it is a local, family-run store that caters for Banting, LCHF, Gluten-free, sugar-free and Paleo lifestyles, as well as vegan and other vegetarians. Jackson’s support 65 local producers,farmers and family owned businesses and encourages families to eat grass fed and pasture raised animals, eggs and dairy. It’s about getting the best that SA has to offer, the cleanest and most natural food into tummies, which will in turn keep people happy and healthy. Its food is based on taste, quality, nutritional value and price. The Jacksons taste and analyse everything on their shelves and strive to keep all the award winning local produce and products in South Africa.