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    Kelly Tan Peterson runs Cooking Inspired By Love, LLC. Kelly is the owner of an interior design business turned ketogenic food “designer”, an excellent cook and author of the award-winning book Keto East. She was a successful business woman in Singapore when she met her husband-to-be, US MD Dan Peterson, on a blind date. Kelly noticed Dan didn’t eat any bread, pasta or rice but rather all the [delicious] fatty foods she had always deprived herself to avoid gaining weight. He was eating extra pork, cream, butter, chicken with the skin and was fit and trim! Dan explained the positive results he enjoys eating in the ketogenic way. Curious and in love, she embarked on the keto lifestyle receiving the same positive benefits of a slim body, satisfying meals and consistent energy levels. She spent years developing her favorite Asian cuisine for her husband and herself but felt a desire to share this amazing transformational keto way with others. Her vibrant personality quickly garnered a large social media following and she has organized active Keto groups around the globe. By popular demand, Kelly pulled together her favorite Asian recipes in Keto East, and has plethora of excellent recipes for Keto West Read more [...]