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    Address: 3141 Okemos Road, Suite 11
    Meridian charter Township
    United States

    Ideal Weight Loss, Health & Wellness is a practice of dietitians and nutritionists who work with individuals for their own health and weight loss needs. They offer support and accountability through one-on-one coaching in their office, over Skype, and by text.  They teach the importance of understanding how to feed your body for nutritional needs rather than to feel full.  An important part of creating a healthy lifestyle is by changing clients and patients’ ideas and previous habits surrounding food. Their primary focus is on teaching a nutritional ketogenic lifestyle (low carb, high fat). Fat does not make your fat, it makes you full! Program Director, Susan Radway struggled with several autoimmune diseases and had been debilitated for four months during her 11-year struggle. After losing 50lbs in 2012 and relearning how to eat, she restored her own health. The practice’s entire staff has lost a total of 150lbs. They understand the struggle and know how to prevent you from gaining it back. For more information, email them at  idealhealthandwellness@outlook.com, visit their website www.idealweightlossmi.com  or chat on their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/IdealweightlossOkemos/