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    Dr Antti Heikkilä is an orthopaedic surgeon and trauma specialist who commutes between Germany and to see patients at Eira Hospital in Finland. Dr Heikkilä soon became frustrated with having to do so many leg amputations due to diabetes. Twenty years ago, he became involved with nutrition and left surgery. He maintains his special interest in the back and back pain. He realised that surgery is an ineffective method to handle back pain. Since then he has been treating diabetes patients with nutrition, in particular a low-carb, high-health-fat (LCHF) approach, and back patients with a hands-on approach.Dr Heikkilä says that low-carb is not a new idea. It was a standard procedure when he graduated early 1970 but was lost once low-fat theories took over. Among his many books is Diabetes Remission Through Nutrition (2017).  For more information,  call +491719366955  (Germany) +358500826771  (Finland), email drantti@gmail.com  or visit the Eira Hospital Helsinki website o rDr Heikkilä’s website at https://www.eiransairaala.fi/en or drantti@gmail.com  Pones http://www.anttiheikkila.com.