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    Dr Arnon Krongrad is a physician-surgeon in Florida and CEO at Allevion, a company that is building a free market for surgery and is dedicated to “rational healthcare delivery”. Dr Krongrad enthusiastically endorses low-carb, high-healthy-fat (LCHF) and ketogenic therapies to treat and prevent serious diseases. He runs a group to support people who have fitness, function and form goals. The group includes a urologist, a cardiologist, a food technologist, and several cooks and is focused on nutrition, health, and recipes. Dr Krongrad is also an enthusiastic home gourmet cook. His mission statement on his Twitter profile is: ‘Let’s get you free of doctors and drugs. A surgeon reflects on components of sustainable health: nutrition, muscle, sleep, sunshine, and sex.’ For more information, you can call +1 305 790 2363, email arnon.krongrad@gmail.com, follow him on Twitter @ArnonKrongrad or join the group’s What’s App chat forum.