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    Category: DOCTORS
    Address: Sydney Low Carb Specialists, 62B Windsor Rd
    Castle Hill
    New South Wales

    Dr Alex Petrushevski is a medical doctor with a fellowship with the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners. He graduated in 2008 and has previously worked in cancer services in Sydney. He currently uses low-carbohydrate nutrition in his practice at  Sydney Low Carb Specialists in Castle Hill, New South Wales. Dr Petrushevski uses low-carb to treat a variety of medical conditions and is passionate about improving not only the lifespan but also the healthspan of his patients. For more information, call +61 (02) 8865 7375 or visit the website at www.sydneylowcarb.com.au. He also runs Abbotsford Medical Practice in Abbotsford. For more information, call +61 (02) 9713 7988 or visit the website at www.hotdoc.com.au