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    Address: Homedale Health, 34 Denmark Rd
    EX1 1SE
    United Kingdom

    Sarah Flower is a leading UK nutritionist, low-carb campaigner and author of The Sugar Free Family Cookbook, Low Carb Slow Cooker and Eating to Beat Diabetes. Sarah promotes the benefits of low carb and makes it easy for all the family. She runs seminars and residential retreats teaching low-carb and sugar-free lifestyles, including cookery workshops. She also offers private nutritional consultations, weight loss clinics and nutritional support throughout the UK. Sarah is also a Banting Coach, working with The Real Meal Revolution. You can email her at: mail@sarahflower.co.uk, visit her website at www.sarahflower.co.uk or follow her Facebook Page: EverydaySugarfree.