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    Dr Naomi Parrella, MD, FAAFP, is medical director of the Center for Weight Loss and Lifestyle Medicine and an assistant professor of Rush University’s Medical Center.  The center is a comprehensive and effective weight loss and lifestyle medicine clinic that includes a team approach to long-term weight loss and weight loss maintenance. Dr Parrella’s experience in weight management began more than 25 years ago, before she went to medical school, when she worked as a personal trainer and aerobics instructor in Wisconsin. Other members of the team include bariatric surgeons, registered dietitians, psychologists, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, nurses and medical assistants. The clinic has affiliations with fitness clubs and trainers. It also provides learning opportunities for health professionals, medical students, residents, dietetic students. For more information, email her at Naomi_Parrella@rush.edu, visit the website at www.rush.edu/weightloss or call 312-942-4444