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    Dr Maria Theologides is a paediatric dentist and specialist, as well as a practitioner of functional and integrative medicine in Cape Town. Her combined post-graduate specialty in children, including paediatric dentistry,  anaesthetics and sedation,  functional and integrative medicine, training as a HAYS Practitioner (Heal Your Life, Heal Your Body) and kinesiology, plus 19 years of being a parent, allow her to offer unique, holistic perspectives on being a woman, parenting and raising children. Dr Theologides is also  founder of Sacred Parenting, We Are Human and co-founder of the South African Academy of Biological Practitioners. Her life purpose and focus of her patients’ success lies in her passion to make a difference, an intuitive ability to truly hear her patients and a fully integrated mind, body, spirit scientific-based health approach to health and living.  For more information, email her at drmaria@healyourlife.co.za or visit her websites at http://sacred-parenting.co.za/ http://wearehuman.co.za/who-we- are/ and http://saabp.co.za


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