• BantingUSA

    Address: MONA CUMMINGS
    United States

    Mona Cummings runs BantingUSA. It is a social media brand that supports individuals voluntarily shifting to a real-food nutritional lifestyle, through the utilization of a low- carb dietary approach. Mona’s headquarters are in Fresno, California. She is also active on Facebook and Twitter. BantingUSA postings include current nutritional research, recipes, food photos, personal testimonials, fitness information, and more. Mona has worked closely with Dr Austin Jeans, author of The Low-Carb Companion, in a collaborative effort to offer health and wellness retreats, low-carb cooking classes, and weight-loss safaris ( You can contact her online at BantingUSA or email


    Address: Cereal Killers, The Movie
    Cape Town
    Western Cape
    South Africa

    Donal O’Neill makes “real food” documentaries exploring health and human performance. Movies so far include: Cereal Killers (2013); Run on Fat (2015); The Big Fat Fix (2016) that premiered in the European Parliament. Donal is also co-author with Dr Aseem Malhotra of the best-seller, The Pioppi Diet. On his website, Let Fat Be Thy Medicine, Donal  describes himself as a “lean ex-athlete with no family history of overweight/obesity but a whole lotta heart disease and diabetes staring at me”. Donal says that once upon a time he believed that fat was bad, but he now ranks that right up there with his belief in Santa Claus. Cereal Killers was his first journey into film (he’s still not sure if it’s opened Pandora’s Box!) and this website will support the film and his thoughts beyond.