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    Lotte Damen is a Registered Dietitian and enthusiastic keto long-distance runner from the Netherlands who runs Lots of Keto and Myndfuel. Through Lots of Keto, she provides interactive 4-week keto kickstart programs on how to learn to implement a well-formulated keto lifestyle in 4 weeks. On Myndfuel, people can invest in 1-on-1 personalised online nutrition advice, focused on a mindful approach to a low-carb living. The aim of both services is to provide evidence-based materials to start and maintain a keto lifestyle with success. Lotte says that keto should be fun, accessible to everyone, mindful, scientifically based, and most of all: easy to implement in our busy daily lives. She has specialised in low-carb nutrition since completing her final internship at The Noakes Foundation in South Africa and has successfully completed the Foundation’s Professional Training in LCHF/Ketogenic Nutrition. For more information, call +31612359977, email, visit one of her websites or social media accounts: and

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