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    Address: Tt. Vasumweg 61-63
    North Holland
    1033 SE

    Noor Struik is founder of The Nourishing State, an experienced registered dietitian and a nutritional epidemiologist from the Netherlands. In her practice, she focusses on low-carbohydrate, healthy-fat (LCHF) diets, diabetes management, FODMAP and irritable bowel syndrome and inflammatory bowel disease.⁠ Struik believes that the psychology around nutrition and self-care plays a central role while improving diet and lifestyle. She, therefore, focusses on eating behaviour to regain confidence in nutritional choices and to experience a long-term healthy relationship with food. ⁠ Through individual counselling, online across the globe and in collaboration with Ellipse Health in Australia, Struik is dedicated to helping her clients make sustainable dietary and lifestyle changes to achieve their health goals.⁠ For more information, you can call +61477248155, email or follow her on Instagram.        


    Category: DOCTORS
    Address: Bogardeind 2
    North Brabant
    5664 EH

    Dr Hans van Kuijk is a consultant sports and exercise physician at St Anna Ziekenhuis hospital in Geldrop in the Netherlands. Since 2002, he has been chief medical officer of the hospital’s cardiac rehabilitation program. Dr Van Kuijk has been team doctor of elite athlete teams in basketball at national level and swimming and long-track speedskating at international level. In 2009 the hospital founded TopSupport in Eindhoven as a centre of excellence, specializing in optimal integrated care (prevention, diagnostics, cure, rehabilitation) for athletes of all levels. Since 2012, he has personally focused on lifestyle-related chronic diseases, more so after visiting South Africa for the 2015 Old Mutual Health Convention in Cape Town (LCHF summit). In 2016, he started the GezondDorp project with local GP Norbert van den Hurk in his home village of Leende. Dr Van Kuijk is building a new centre of excellence for preventative/integrative Lifestyle Medicine at the hospital. For more information, call +31 40 2864831, +31 40 2864144, email, visit the websites,,  or, follow him on Twitter @sportsdochans   and on Facebook at


    Address: Keto Coaching
    Central Netherlands
    3571 KG

    Sevi Rutgrink is a nutritionist and keto coach based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Sevi has first-hand experience of the benefits of low-carb, high healthy-fat (LCHF) and keto therapies. She solved her own health issues that included leaky gut syndrome, IBS and Raynaud’s syndrome after doing intensive research and finally settling on a ketogenic lifestyle. As a result, she has been 100% symptom-free since. That has made her passionate about helping others to achieve optimal health. In her keto coaching practice and as a personal keto coach, she understands that the transition to a ketogenic diet is not always easy and both practical and emotional support is vital in the first months. For more information, contact Sevi on email or visit her international and Dutch websites at and or her Facebook page:  


    Address: Ketogeen Instituut Nederland, Waterwerk 41
    South Holland
    3063 HB

    Louisette Blikkenhorst is an orthomolecular therapist, nutritionist and founder of the Ketogeen Instituut Nederland in Holland in 2019. Louisette has completed the Advanced Ketogenic Nutrition course at The American Nutrition Association and professional training in LCHF and Ketogenic Nutrition and Treatment through the Noakes Foundation’s  Nutrition Network. Her institute offers an accredited training for health professionals – doctors, nurses, nutritionists, therapist, dietitians – who want to work with the ketogenic diet as an intervention in their practice and are seeking knowledge on how to apply a ketogenic diet as therapy for their clients. Louisette also offers an online ketogenic lifestyle program for individuals who wish to have a healthier life. If you are looking for keto-professionals to assist you or for more information, you can call +31 (0) 06 2500 8494, email or visit her website on  


    Address: Lots of Keto
    South Holland

    Lotte Damen is a Registered Dietitian and enthusiastic keto long-distance runner from the Netherlands who runs Lots of Keto and Myndfuel. Through Lots of Keto, she provides interactive 4-week keto kickstart programs on how to learn to implement a well-formulated keto lifestyle in 4 weeks. On Myndfuel, people can invest in 1-on-1 personalised online nutrition advice, focused on a mindful approach to a low-carb living. The aim of both services is to provide evidence-based materials to start and maintain a keto lifestyle with success. Lotte says that keto should be fun, accessible to everyone, mindful, scientifically based, and most of all: easy to implement in our busy daily lives. She has specialised in low-carb nutrition since completing her final internship at The Noakes Foundation in South Africa and has successfully completed the Foundation’s Professional Training in LCHF/Ketogenic Nutrition. For more information, call +31612359977, email, visit one of her websites or social media accounts:, and


    Address: Schoterweg 48Z
    North Holland
    2021 HN

    Theo Truter and wife Annemarie Truter-Hennis run Tru-Banting, a low-carb, high-fat (LCHF), Banting, coaching service in the Netherlands.  Both started on the LCHF path in 2014 and saw the benefits of our diet change right away. Theo lost 25kg in a short time, and his energy levels improved dramatically. Annemarie lost even more. She was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 1992. She used LCHF and intermittent fasting to lose 49kg and go off insulin completely and significantly decrease her use of metformin.  Inspired by this, they have read as much as possible about LCHF and want to share what they have learned with others. For more information, you can call  +31 61 425 1359 or email him at


    Address: Reling 227

    Dr Gerard Hendriks is a general practitioner in the Netherlands, who has had his own practice since 2004. Hendriks has a special interest in and does ongoing research into food and how to prevent disease.  He supports the compelling evidence for low-carb diets to treat and prevent serious diseases, such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease. For more information, you can email Dr Hendriks at      


    Address: Kompasstraat 37A
    Den Haag
    2583 XW

    Matty Barnhoorn is a low-carb (LCHF) expert and coach. Her company, The New Food (Founded in 2005), encourages people to eat low-carb, to become leaner and healthier. She  believes everyone has the right to honest information about nutrition and health. She makes eating low-carb easier, tastier and accessible for everyone. Matty works together with physicians and scientists and participates in various projects nationwide. She provides tasting sessions, information (workshops), coaching, advice and information about low carb eating.


    Address: Stichting Voeding Leeft, Life Growth Consultants
    North Holland

    Peter Voshol is a medical physiologist and researcher at the  Louis Bolk Institute, Stichting Voeding Leeft, Life Growth Consultants. His work encompasses integration of known physiology of metabolic diseases, glucose regulation, insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes and lipid metabolism. He sets up, evaluates and monitors  “real life”  (living labs) nutritional and lifestyle interventions based on  low carbohydrate, real food for people with a wide range of chronic diseases and complications.


    Address: N/A

    Janet Noome is a registered dietitian with a private practice in Emmen, the Netherlands. She works closely with general practitioners in a coordinated effort to treat a wide range of patients with various metabolic diseases. She typically applies the principles of a low(er) carbohydrate and “whole foods”-based diet that has proven to consistently yield good results – in particular when treating patients suffering from insulin resistance or type 2 diabetes who can make significant health improvements on a low carb diet. She also has a special interest in nutrition from an evolutionary perspective.