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    Address: JP Nagar

    Dr Somalaram Venkatesh is an interventional cardiologist in India who supports the evidence for low-carbohydrate, high-healthy-fat diets for cardiovascular health. Dr Venkatesh is chief cardiologist at the Aster-RV Hospital in Bangalore. He describes himself as a cardiologist by day and a blogger and bibliophile by night. For more information, you can call +91 80 22040400, email him at, visit his website at or follow him on Twitter @serioustaurean.  


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    West Linn
    United States

    Dr Ann Childers is a child, adolescent and adult psychiatric physician with a special interest in nutrition, sleep, diabetes and metabolic syndrome in West Linn, Oregon in the US.  Dr Childers runs the Life Balance NorthWest Lifestyle Psychiatry practice and has now incorporated telehealth into her practice and sees more than 50 patients a week. Her approach to psychiatric treatment is holistic and integrates standard psychiatric care with principles of nutrition and restful sleep. She welcomes those who desire an integrated approach to psychiatric care, sleep and metabolism management. Dr Childers was ranked among the 5 top MDs by Onalytica on the topics of obesity, diabetes and sugar. She is in demand as a local and international lecturer and has published a number of textbook chapters, among them Nutritional Aspects of Psychiatry for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry: The Essentials (Cheng and Myers, 2011). Her lectures and podcasts can be viewed and heard on YouTube and elsewhere. Dr Childers is a member of the American Psychiatric Association, the American Medical Association, the Nutrition and Metabolism Society, Obesity Medicine Association, a Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association and Medical Advisor to the Hypoglycemia Support Foundation. She is also a US Air Force Read more [...]


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    United States

    Dr Kristin Baier is double board-certified in Obesity Medicine and Family Medicine. She recently relocated to San Diego to serve patients through a nontraditional healthcare model with an emphasis on metabolic health. She is in practice with Dr Brian Lenzkes at Low Carb MD San Diego: Metabolic Health & Direct Primary Care. The clinic specializes in weight-loss management and associated co-morbidities through lifestyle and nutrition. To ensure quality of care, Dr Lenzkes and Dr Baier will be capping the number of patients they can serve in their practice. Both follow the LCHF lifestyle and speak from personal experience of the benefits. For more information, you can call +1 619-492-5787, visit the Low Carb MD San Diego  or follow Dr Baier on Twitter and Instagram: @doctoringketo


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    United States

    Dr Carlos E Moreyra is an orthopaedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist at Jackson Hospital in Marianna, Florida.  In his hospital practice, Dr Moreyra sees a variety of common orthopaedic conditions, such as fractures, carpal tunnel syndrome, knee and hip arthritis, shoulder and knee injuries, overuse and sports-related injuries. He sees common injuries in children as well. He regularly discusses dietary and lifestyle changes to address chronic health issues that are not orthopaedic in nature but that have orthopaedic implications.  Dr Moreyra says that much of orthopaedics consists of addressing the end result of chronic disease but without much counselling and education on addressing the root cause. He spends significant time addressing root causes of chronic disease, in the hopes of helping patients improve their health not just simply addressing their symptoms. Where controversy exists in management of care, he follows sound clinical judgment and best-available evidence. He offers surgery only where there is a clinical indication for it. When both non-operative and operative solutions are reasonable treatment options for the patient, he presents and discusses both. His goals for patients are for them to get better and improve the quality and longevity of their lives, whether that requires surgery or Read more [...]


    Address: 700 Gordon St, Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences,
    L1N 9X4

    Valeria Burnazov is a mental health dietitian at the Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences. She includes evidence-based advice on a low-carb, high-healthy-fat approach to patients where appropriate, based on research on the link between food and mood. For more information, you can call +1 416-357-8989 or email her at


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    State of Pernambuco

    Dr Jacques Waisman is an internal medicine, pulmonology and intensive care specialist in Recife, Brazil. Dr Waisman now practises integrative medicine at the Waisman Clinic with a focus on physiology and a focus on active and healthy longevity. He uses low-carb, ketogenic diets and intermittent fasting as treatment strategies for obesity and health in his daily practice. Dr Waisman is also a World Crossfit Placement 809 Open Games Scale Senior 2020. For more information, you can call him on +55 81 99417-1494, email him on, visit his website at, follow him on Twitter @jacqueswaisman, Facebook: Jacques Waisman / Clinica Waisman, and Instagram: @drwaisman/ @clinicawaisman.


    Address: 2927 Kassarine Pass
    United States

    Keith and Michelle Norris are co-founders of Paleo f(x)™, an organization dedicated to three inter-related goals: to create the world’s best holistic health and wellness event; to inspire and empower individuals everywhere to find optimal health and to flourish; and to create a forum where ancestral health ideas can be turned into real­ world practices that improve human wellbeing. A major focus of their work is optimum nutrition that includes low-carb lifestyles where appropriate. To that end, they hold the event that seeks to provide attendees with a valuable and unforgettable health experience. It is based on turning the theory of ancestral health into the practices that allow good health to flourish. For more information, call +1 (512) 492-2773, email, visit the website at, follow them on Facebook, on Instagram, onTwitter and Youtube


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    Address: 24422 Avenida De La Carlota, Be Well Endocrinology & Functional Medicine
    Laguna Hills
    United States

    Dr Gaja Andzel is a Southern California-based endocrinologist and functional medicine specialist. Dr Andzel has personal experience with type 1 diabetes. Coupled with her years of working with patients, she combines conventional medicine with evidence-based, whole-person, and integrative therapies in creating personalised care and treatment plans. Therapies include a low-carb, high-healthy fat and ketogenic approach to nutrition and food as medicine. Dr Anzel’s degree in medicine was conferred by the Medical University of Warsaw, a prestigious European medical school established in the early 19th Century. In 2006, she moved to the US and received internal medicine training at Loma Linda University, followed by an endocrinology fellowship at Banner University Medical Center, Phoenix, Arizona. For more information, email her at or visit


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    Address: 113 7015 Macleod Trail SW #210
    T2H 2K6

    British-born Canadian resident Dr Cathryn Zapf is an MD who has has been using low-carb, high-healthy-fat (LCHF) therapies in clinical practice for 20 years. Dr Zapf has two board certifications in family medicine and functional medicine and is in practice at the Paleo Medical Clinic. The clinic offers in-person medical consultations and international online health coaching. The practice is moving at the start of June from Canmore to Calgary in Alberta, Western Canada. For more information, you can call +1 403-688 1883/403-265-4142, email, visit the Paleo Medical Clinic website on, follow the clinic on Facebook  and Instagram


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    Cape Town
    Western Cape
    South Africa

    Cape Town specialist physician Dr Hassina Kaje runs a medical practice based on “understanding the patient who has the disease within the context of the disease that the patient has”. Dr Kajee also sees healthy patients wanting to prevent disease. She counsels patients on lifestyle, including diet, nutrition and fasting, based on low-carb, high-healthy-fat (LCHF) therapies, as well as stress management, sleep hygiene, relationships and exercise. In short, she counsels her patients on healthy living and ageing well. She changed her medical practice after becoming dissatisfied with the conventional model of “palliative”, chronic disease medicine while she was running the High Care Unit of a prominent Cape Town tertiary hospital. At that time, she came to realise that a well-formulated LCHF diet was a key factor in reversing diabetes and chronic disease. Dr Kajee resigned from hospital work after trying to implement LCHF and becoming overwhelmed by the many acute and acute on chronic medical cases that made her unable to make a substantial difference. She now practises medicine more in line with her personal understanding of integrative chronic disease and obesity reversal practice. Dr Kajee sits on the board of directors of the Noakes Foundation and is co-founder and Read more [...]


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    Viña del Mar

    Mauricio Silva is a passionate IT Engineer from Chile, who has been studying metabolism and its relationship with human health for five years. He collaborated with Método Grez specializing in his Food Handling Programs and the science for LCHF and keto. Prior to this, he studied at the Metabolic Technology Center and certified as a Metabolism Advisor. Today he actively collaborates in the low-carb and keto community of Dietdoctor and disseminates his work and science through his Twitter account. Mauricio is currently completing the Noakes Foundation’s online ethics course. He has advised and trained people of all ages  – adolescents, youth and adults –  on how to improve their relationship with food, update their eating habits, reverse metabolic syndrome, overweight and obesity. He has also collaborated with patients with prediabetes and type 2 diabetes, helping them to complement their medical and nutritional treatments with the application of keto, LCHF and Método approaches, adding their knowledge of advanced mindfulness practices and other tools of Zen Meditation, relaxation and sleep hygiene. For more information, you can email him at  or follow him on Twitter: @DeMetabolismo.


    Category: LEGAL EAGLES
    Address: Pike Law, 15 Wittebomen Rd
    Cape Town
    Western Cape
    South Africa

    Adam Pike is an attorney, legal advisor and founder of Pike Law, an agile, adaptable law firm in Cape Town advising and assisting clients in diverse sectors. These sectors include health and matters relating to academic bullying and shareholder activism.  Pike Law was the firm that assisted Prof Tim Noakes in an unprecedented trial over more than four years. With Pike as instructing attorney in the case, Pike Law helped Noakes’s legal team beat the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) twice. For more information, you can call +27 21 7950345; email; visit the firm’s website at; connect with him on LinkedIn at; or follow him on Twitter at


    Address: Super Shazzer,
    Cape Town
    Western Cape
    South Africa

    Sharon Atkins is a professional health coach, a certified low-carb and keto coach who works with clients locally and internationally on achieving their health and weight loss goals. She is also a speaker on wellness, goal setting, limiting beliefs and values. Sharon says that she draws on her passion for wellness and healthy living and her coaching training and experience to make a real and lasting impact on others’ lives. “Coaches provide that vital (and missing) layer of support to help clients make lasting diet, lifestyle, and behaviour changes, cope with stress, and provide moral and emotional support,” she says. For more information, call her on +27 76 8108104, email, visit the Super Shazzer website at follow her on Twitter, Instagram – Super Shazzer, Wellness Girl  – and Facebook – Super Shazzer and Banting and Wellness  


    Category: DOCTORS
    Address: Ulaishah, King Saud Medical City
    Riyadh Province
    Saudi Arabia

    Dr Mohammad Altayaran is a radiologist in KSMC in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia who can offer medical diagnostics for patients, he can correlate clinical, lab data with imaging that help in diagnosis. He has an interest in low-carb evidence and can correlate the changes via imaging. Although a visit to a primary physician or specialist is required initially to evaluate the patient, the radiologist communicates with the physicians and patients to individualize the imaging exam and to give an appropriate diagnosis, and recommendations. For more information, you can email him on or follow him on Twitter @DeepKetosis.  


    Address: 43 Brodetsky Street
    Tel Aviv-Yafo
    Tel Aviv District

    Elina Rofin is a dietitian at the Glandt Center for Diabetes Care in Tel Aviv, Israel.  The Center is run by Israeli endocrinologist Dr Mariela Glandt who has pioneered low-carbohydrate, high-healthy-fat (LCHF) and ketogenic diet therapies to treat and prevent obesity, type 2 diabetes and related complications in Israel. Elina is part of the Center’s multidisciplinary team that guides and advises patients in LCHF and keto for chronic disease.  For more information, you can call +972 3-7208533, email her at or visit her website at


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    Address: Prolongevity, Unit 3, The Metro Centre, Ronsons Way
    St Albans
    AL4 9LU
    United Kingdom

    UK pharmacist Graham Phillips enjoys a reputation as “the pharmacist who gave up drugs”. He is founder of ProLongevity: Live Healthy for Longer, a clinically-tested, 8-week programme that helps people to lose weight, improve wellbeing and avoid or reverse type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome. The programme involves no drugs, no hunger, and no calorie-counting. It uses a combination of clinical expertise and new Continuous Blood Glucose (CGM) technology to monitor real-time blood sugar levels. The practice provides personalised advice based on clients’ unique body data.  For more information, call: +44  (0)1727 834 365, 7768 275 802, email Follow Graham on Twitter @grahamsphillips and @longevity_pro,  Facebook and Instagram. You can also find him on LinkedIn. To watch him on YouTube, click here:


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    Address: Sutton Medical, 347 E 53rd St
    New York
    New York
    United States

    Dr Jason Chiu is a physician, a diplomate of the American Board of Surgery and The American Board of Preventive Medicine in Manhatten, New York. He runs Sutton Medical, a multi-service medspa clinic offering clinical services of aesthetics, wellness, and weight loss. Dr Chiu uses low-carb, high-healthy-fat (LCHF) and ketogenic diets and practises a ketogenic diet himself. He says that this gives insight for better success and compliance with a ketogenic diet. Dr Chiu breaks down the plan into easy, actionable steps, and gives clients and patients the support they need to achieve their desired results, whether their weight loss goals involve a few pounds or a major lifestyle overhaul. For more information, you can call him on +1 646-925-9743, visit the Sutton Medical website or email him on


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    Address: 600 N Westhaven Dr
    United States

    Dr Rimas V Janušonis is a family medicine physician in Oshkosh, Wisconsin in the US and uses low-carb diet therapies in his practice at ThedaCare Physicians-Oshkosh. Dr Janušonis speaks from personal experience of the benefit. He struggled with his weight throughout his life, aggravated by the stress of medical school and residency. He had tried the conventional advice to  “eat less and move more” that “is routinely taught as gospel truth” in his profession without success. After routine lab work showed that he had developed metabolic syndrome, that was the “wake-up call he needed” to change his lifestyle and eating habits. He did further reading and research and fully implemented carbohydrate restriction. His metabolic syndrome resolved, he lost weight and has kept it off. It’s still work in progress, he says, but at least he knows he will be around to see his kids (and grandkids) grow up. Results have been so good and sustainable that he felt rejuvenated in his desire to help patients lose weight, improve their health and cardiovascular status, better control their diabetes and even put it into remission. For more information, you can call him on +1 920-237-5000, fax +1 920-237-5011, email him on Read more [...]


    Address: The Fasting Method,
    M6R 2L2

    Dr Nadia Brito Pateguana is a doctor of naturopathic medicine and a fasting coach at  The Fasting Method, a program developed by Dr Jason Fung and Megan Ramos. Dr Pateguana uses low-carb and intermittent fasting for metabolic syndrome. She is author of The PCOS Plan, Prevent and Reverse Polycystic Ovary Syndrome through Diet and Fasting, co-authored with Dr Fung. For more information, email her on, visit the website ( or follow her on Twitter @nadia_pateguana. You can also click here to set up a time for a  free 20-minute consultation to check whether the program is suitable for your needs:  


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    Address: 29 Town Centre Drive
    New Zealand

    Dr Marcus Hawkins has more than 30 years practising medicine, the first 15 as a hospital-based doctor and the next 15 years as a family physician in both the UK and New Zealand, where he is now based in Botany, Auckland. Dr Hawkins discovered the low-carb, keto diet in 2017 first through the movie, The Magic Pill, and then through his own extensive reading and research. He has become a passionate advocate for LCHF and keto eating. Dr Hawkins is convinced that it is the best way of eating for humankind and is based on good scientific evidence. For more information, you can call him on +64 (0) 92790460, email, visit his website at www. or follow him on @lowcarbdoctornz or join his Facebook group at LCHF DOCTOR NEW ZEALAND.