Noakes: ‘HPCSA will lose new war against me’


By Marika Sboros

The Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) is back on the warpath against Prof Tim Noakes. It has also thrown down legal gauntlets to Pretoria advocate Joan Adams.

Pretoria advocate Joan Adams. Picture: ROB TATE

Adams chaired the HPCSA’s Professional Conduct Committee that heard the charge of unprofessional conduct. She delivered the comprehensive, 60-page, four-to-one not-guilty verdict in Cape Town on April 21, 2017. The HPCSA announced its decision to appeal in early May but only gave grounds in August.

The HPCSA effectively claims that the committee, including three medical doctors, didn’t know what they were doing. They “fundamentally misconstrued their role in evaluating the evidence”. And they “erred and misdirected themselves on the law and the facts”.

The HPCSA believes that there’s a “reasonable chance” its Appeal Committee will overturn the entire verdict. Its legal team doesn’t just want a guilty ruling. It wants a whole new “rehearing”.

Malicious intent?

Noakes calls that “malicious”. He says that the HPCSA faces “five rather large roadblocks in its case against him”. Those include compelling new evidence of collusion between a dietitian on the HPCSA and the dietitians who reported him.

It’s now a fight between lawyers as Noakes will not have to appear and the case will only be heard next year.

The HPCSA tell me they haven’t yet decided who’s on the appeal committee. However, it will consist of four members who must reach a majority verdict. In case of deadlock, the chair has the casting vote. (Correction: an HPCSA source says that the rules do not allow the chair to have a casting vote. And therefore, if there is deadlock – two for, two against – the committee must acquit.)

Attorney Adam Pike

Usually, the appeals process does not involve any new evidence. However, Noakes’s legal team uncovered dramatic new evidence in an access-to-information request to the Association for Dietetics in SA (ADSA).

Adam Pike, of Pike Law, made the June 2017 request under the Protection of Access to Information Act (PAIA).

It puts a new light on the drivers and motivation behind the hearing.

ADSA’s new president, Nicole Lubasinski, inititally refused the PAIA request. She claimed that ADSA, as a “corporate body without profit motive”, did not have to agree. She complied after Pike explained the legal implications of PAIA.

The PAIA request yielded an incriminating email chain. It supports the defence contention that the HPCSA was biased against Noakes from the outset. It also suggests HPCSA collusion with ADSA.

Incriminating evidence

Emails appear to show highly irregular contact between HPCSA’s Dietetics Prof Edelweiss Wentzel-Viljoen, and ADSA dietitians. These include Claire Julsing Strydom, who first reported Noakes, and her successor as ADSA president Maryke Gallagher.

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In emails, Strydom and Gallagher make emotional appeals for help from Wentzel-Viljoen. They also ask the HPCSA to speed up action against Noakes. In one email, Wentzel-Viljoen assures them that the HPCSA has “a plan” for Noakes.

She apologises for being unable to reveal the plan at that stage.

The HPCSA hasn’t said yet if it will allow the new evidence. However, it will be on public record in The Lore of Nutrition, which Noakes and I have co-authored. Penguin Random House is publishing it in November 2017.

Prof Edelweiss Wentzel-Viljoen

Controversially, the HPCSA tried and failed to get Wentzel-Viljoen on the Professional Conduct Committee.

They have taken an extraordinary shot-gun approach in appeal grounds. They give seven grounds, some in subsections, 28 in all. Click here to read the HPCSA’s grounds.

The case against him

The grounds are based on external advocate Ajay Bhoopchand’s closing heads of argument on April 4, 2017. These covered all four corners of the charge of unprofessional conduct against Noakes. These are that he allegedly: had a doctor-patient relationship with breastfeeding mother Pippa Leenstra; gave medical advice on a social network; the advice was “unconventional” and “not evidence-based”; and he contravened his profession’s “norms and standards”.

Bhoopchand took more than 140,000 words to make the HPCSA’s case. His arguments ended up rambling, contradictory and circuitous. That contrasted sharply with closing arguments by defence advocates Michael Van der Nest SC and Dr Ravin “Rocky” Ramdass. They took just over 40,000 words to make their case. Their arguments were tightly focused and eloquent.

Bhoopchand claimed that Noakes had a doctor-patient relationship with Leenstra. He ignored the HPCSA own witnesses’ evidence, including Strydom, that there was no such relationship. Bhoopchand also oddly claimed that the onus was on the defence to prove that the doctor-patient relationship was crucial to the charge.

The case for him

Michael Van der Nest SC, left, and Dr Ravin “Rocky” Ramdass

In closing argument, Van der Nest swiftly dispatched that notion. Raising a defence does not reverse onus, Van der Nest said. It also does does not excuse the prosecution from having to prove elements that support its case.

The doctor-patient relationship thesis was crucial to the HPCSA’s case, he said. The HPCSA said so in details of the charge. The relationship was always “nonsense and guaranteed to fail”, Van der Nest said.

Ramdass called elements of the HPCSA’s case “unfathomable” and “inexplicable”.

The HPCSA’s grounds for appeal include another astonishing argument: that Adams and her committee made “assumptions … from (Leenstra’s) perspective” to find Noakes not guilty.

They had no choice because of the HPCSA’s  obvious failure to call or subpoena Leenstra as a witness. Bhoopchand ignored that. Noakes and his legal team didn’t. They extensively addressed the implications. Noakes memorably referred to Leenstra’s absence as one of many instances of “dogs that did not bark“.

Dogs that don’t bark

That was a reference to Silver Blaze, a classic Sherlock Holmes tale by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The dogs that didn’t bark showed that “absence is just as important and just as telling as presence”.  And that what didn’t happen was just as critical as what did.

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 The HPCSA’s appeal grounds regurgitate claims against Noakes that aren’t in the charge. One is that he told Leenstra to stop breastfeeding. Nowhere in his tweet did Noakes tell Leenstra to stop breastfeeding. The charge also does not include not promoting breastfeeding.

Adv Dr Ajay Bhoopchand

Bhoopchand also variously claimed that the case was all about infant nutrition and advice on social media. However, the HPCSA built their whole case around evidence on adult (and flawed) nutrition.  And most of the HPCSA experts were inexpert on Twitter.

And appeal grounds claimed that the committee made findings  “beyond the jurisdictional issues” that the evidence “does not support”. Yet Noakes and his experts, Dr Zoë Harcombe, Nina Teicholz and Dr Caryn Zinn, presented extensive evidence.

Noakes alone took close to 40 hours, to present evidence in 6000 pages, over 1100 slides and 350 references.

HPCSA witnesses also conceded that LCHF aligns closely with South Africa’s paediatric nutrition guidelines.

Win-at-all-costs agenda

Thus, the HPCSA’s appeal once again feeds theories of a concerted campaign to silence Noakes. It also feeds what Van der Nest described as the HPCSA’s “win-at-all-costs” agenda.

Van der Nest called the hearing “impressible censorship”. He also called it a “prosecution and persecution” of a distinguished scientist for his opinions on diet.

The appeal once again raises issues of conflicts of interest. The defence showed that efforts to prevent chronic disease diametrically oppose commercial interests of food industries. Chief among those are the sugar, processed foods and soft drinks industries. Coca-Cola and its proxy, the International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI) feature largely in the latter, as US investigative journalist Russ Greene’s extensive research revealed.

Noakes and his lawyers also highlighted the HPCSA witnesses’ many conflicts of interest. Strydom, Prof Hester “Este” Vorster, Prof Herculina Salome Kruger and paediatrician Dr Ali Dhansay all have industry ties. Strydom and Gallagher are industry consultants.

In closing argument, Van der Nest said that Strydom launched the hearing against Noakes on “a whim”. She was annoyed because the public appeared to be listening more to him than to her. She was nothing but a “disgruntled dietitian”.

A dietitian’s ‘miracle’

Dietitian Claire Strydom

“Miraculously”, Strydom got the HPCSA to do her bidding, Van der Nest said.

The PAIA email chain suggests something much more pedestrian than miracle. Wentzel-Viljoen’s enthusiastic support from within the HPCSA facilitated the hearing.

In his talks, Noakes now explains to audiences that the HPCSA case against him has no merit. Firstly, Noakes says that he very clearly answered a “we” question from Leenstra.  A recent publication by a prominent South African medical ethicist in the South African Medical Journal supports that.

The article effectively states that doctors have a responsibility to answer “we” questions addressed to them in a public forum. They should be wary about answering “I” questions that may seek specific medical advice.

The HPCSA did not contest all the evidence proving that Leenstra posed a “we” question.

Secondly, Noakes says that there could not have been a doctor-patient relationship with Leenstra. “If the HPCSA honestly believes that doctors may not answer a ‘we’ question in any public forum, it is basically attempting to control everything medical professionals can say in public.”

Implications for doctors

Therefore, implications for doctors are serious. In future, says Noakes, doctors, or indeed anyone registered with the HPCSA would not dare risk answering even general questions. These include: Doctor, should I stretch my muscles before I exercise? Or: Doctor, should I sleep six hours a night?

By the current HPCSA logic and by the act of answering the question, medical professionals enter a doctor-patient relationship, Noakes says. The professionals will also act unprofessionally if they don’t first examine the “patient”.

The driver of this logic is ” the extreme paternalism” that HPCSA’s witnesses expressed throughout the hearing, Noakes says.

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“They believe that members of the general public are too stupid to make up their own minds about what’s best for them.

“The HPCSA have decided that they must protect the ignorant public. They must ensure that people receive only information they have sanitised and consider fit for consumption.

“Such control raises worrying questions,” Noakes says.

Dietitian Marlene Ellmer

The HPCSA know there was no doctor-patient relationship because they failed to charge Strydom and dietitian Marlene Ellmer, he says. Both Strydom and Ellmer tweeted to Leenstra. Both also, according to the HPCSA definition, gave medical “advice” on social media. They also both actively engaged Leenstra, telling her what advice to follow and not to follow.

Hoist on its own petard?

Worse, by the HPCSA’s own logic, both were also guilty of “supersession”. In other words, they were stealing Noakes’s “patient” without his consent. HPCSA’s own code of conduct considers supersession “a very serious misdemeanour”.

“Until they are charged as was I, the HPCSA disproves its own case against me,” Noakes says.

Thirdly, the nutritional information Noakes tweeted aligns perfectly with the South African infant feeding guidelines. Ironically, both ADSA and Vorster, the chief prosecution witness, have published articles proving that.

As a result, that raises many questions. One of them, says Noakes is: Don’t these “experts” know exactly what are their own guidelines? And why, if they really understand what those guidelines say, would they wish to put him through 25 days in court, costing perhaps a total of R10 million (most of which doctors have paid through their HPCSA membership)? And at least another five days scheduled for the Appeal the HPCSA will hold in 2018?

There’s also the issue of harm that is crucial to a charge of unprofessional conduct. Leenstra made it clear in media interviews that she did not follow the information Noakes gave her. She also made clear that there was no harm to her infant. And crucially, Leenstra did to report him to the HPCSA.

Who is really the victim?

Rather, a dietitian in Johannesburg’s affluent northern suburbs, with clear conflicts of interests, complained. Normally, the HPCSA insist that its boards treat with extreme caution complaints that those with conflicts of interest lay. Not so, however, in the case against Noakes.

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Another big roadblock for the HPCSA is “irrefutable evidence” of the real reason that Strydom laid her complaint, Noakes says.  It wasn’t because Noakes’s tweeted information posed any danger to Leenstra’s baby, he says. It was the phenomenal success and effects of The Real Meal Revolution on the dietetics profession.

Publishers released the book two months before Strydom lodged her complaint.

“It is clear that the general public was asking questions of ADSA and its dietitians that they were unable or unwilling to answer.”

Instead, Noakes says that Strydom wanted the HPCSA to help her to humiliate Noakes publicly. She believed that dietitians would win back the confidence of the public.

Noakes has an idea of the key event that really irritated ADSA and pushed Strydom and Gallagher over the top into action against him. It was probably not anything he wrote, he says.

Rather, it was an article by Gary Watson entitled Tim Noakes on Bullshit. News24 published it on January 13, 2014, just three weeks before Strydom laid her complaint.

A threat to dietitians

Viewers have read the article almost 100 000 times, Noakes says. It includes many comments unfavourable to ADSA and dietetics professionals. As a consequence, it “must have been very threatening to the profession when News24 published it”, he says.

He also did not write the article denigrating the profession but would “have to bear the consequences”.

Noakes currently awaits “further information of how (the HPCSA hearing) came about”. He also wants to know how the HPCSA charged him on “what we’ve clearly established are false and malicious grounds”

  • has emailed HPCSA, Prof Edelweiss Wentzel-Viljoen and other ADSA members for comment. ADSA president Nicole Lubasinski said she is currently out the country and will reply by October 17, 2017. If she replies, will add her comments to this feature.
  • Marika Sboros and Prof Tim Noakes are co-authors of Lore of Nutrition, Challenging Conventional Dietary guidelines (Penguin Random House) to be released in November 2017. 
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  1. In my highly non-professional-LCHF-dieter opinion, the HPCSA have only succeeded in discrediting themselves, and will only compound the problem should they continue with this nonsense.

  2. The HPCSA and ADSA would be well advised to consult Gary Fettke on the best way to remove feet rather than the shotgun and toe-by-toe approach they are clearly following.

  3. After more than 30 years as a professional of the nutraceutical industry, and with no animal fat, no salt, no red meat and very little proteins from animal sources, my health was going down de tubes with the settling in of type II diabetes. The turn-around presented by Prof Noakes in his public conferences, clinched it for me and gave me the trust to switch to LCHF after reading studies after studies for at least 6 months, after stumbling upon his videos. His integrity allowed me to save my life.

    I just wish that we could one day raise a glass together, but the feeling is that it will be more likely a cup of tea.

    Following in Prof Noakes footsteps, I bring the focus of my LCHF coaching to the “nutrients density” in the plate. I have hence shutdown my activities as a high end natural supplements manufacturer, to advise people to address the root cause of their metabolic syndrome.

    Almost 4 years ago, I was walking with a cane sporting around 40 kg of extra body fat. I went from a size 40 US to now a size 31 US.

    This man saved my life by being truthful to his oath as a doctor.

    Thanks to him, upon sharing his no non-sense teaching, more than half of the people I coach are health professionals (MDs, pharmacists, etc..)

    Let’s be honest, in France, most MDs or so-called experts.. recommending LCHF are not themselves in nutritional ketosis. It appears that generalist MDs will have much more impact upon the general population, once they themselves are familiar within their own bodies with the multiple aspects the nutritional ketosis can bring about.

    Cancer sure grabs the headlines… but addressing the root causes of diabetes will go much further in prevention. And also put a lot of those cancer experts hopefully in professional remission. The least patients they have the better.

    Most MDs are nothing but disease experts. What I like about Prof Noakes, is that he became an health expert.

  4. The 900,000 people on the Facebook Banting 7 day meal plan pages must think Tim Noakes knows what he is talking about. The photos of the members recovering their lives and health are remarkable. Thank you Professor for my regained health on the LCHF lifestyle which I was introduced to by reading your book .

  5. Looking at that pic of Claire Strydom…. I would think she should’ve been one of the 1st in line at the book store to purchase Tim’s book!

  6. If they want to talk about harm to infants and adults alike, they should actually study the science behind ‘their’ dietary recommendations and Dr.Noakes’ recommendations. They obviously have no shame and don’t accept any of the blame for the epidemics of obesity and diabetes all around them.
    Onward and upward..

  7. See Rohan Millson’s comprehensive calling out of Tim Hoax. This man’s flip flop from his previous advice proves he is a nutritional fraud. The information about refined sugar and carbs has been around for more than 50 years, our mother told us as kids! Yet he acts as if he only made this incredible discovery lately! His latest public utterings, about the damage animal agriculture does to the environment would be so laughable if it was not such a serious matter. Why would anyone take nutrition advice from a man who went from pre diabetic to full blown diabetes on his own diet? From comparing us to lions, he now compares us to pandas! You are being fooled people, the weight loss and health benefits you are seeing are from the common sense cutting out of refined carbs, following this latest fad diet of high animal fats will have Hoax’s medical colleagues rubbing their hands in glee when the chickens come home to roost. How wicked of anyone to encourage people to cut down on the backbone of a diet that is not only more healthy, but environmentally less damaging, not to mention contributes less to climate change of fruit, vegetables, grains and seeds, and encourage one exactly the opposite, and which involves the most harming, hurting and killing of animals? Is losing weight really worth that to some people?

    • I acknowledge your right to your opinion, Sue. However, it is riddled with errors. For example, Prof Noakes has never said that the information is new, or that it is his. On the contrary, he makes the point that the research he came across that made him change his mind had been around for decades. It had just been suppressed or ignored.

      And he most definitely did NOT become diabetic on LCHF. That is a canard that vegetarians, vegans and other assorted anti-Prof Tim Noakes lobbies trot out to attempt to discredit him. You clearly are not aware that type 2 diabetes takes YEARS to develop. He went on the diet precisely because he was showing all the symptoms. And because his beloved father died a horrible death from complications of type 2, on a high-carb, low-fat, expert-advised diet. As a medical doctor as well as a world-renowned scientist, Prof Noakes knew his risk of also developing type 2 diabetes. He scrupulously followed the same diet his father ate – high-carb, low-fat – on “expert advice” for years. For his trouble, he developed type 2 diabetes. He has reversed all his symptoms of type 2 diabetes after going on a low-carb, high-fat, mostly ketogenic diet. He continues to take a low-dose medication only because he wants perfect blood sugar control.

      Your views on risks to the environment of animal agriculture are controversial in the extreme. There is currently no consensus on that issue in the scientific community. It is possible to argue either way.

      Prof Noakes did what ethical scientists do when faced with compelling evidence that flatly contradicts a deeply held belief, no matter for how long they have held or preached that belief: he changed his mind. It’s the right, ethical, logical, scientific thing to do.

        • Both responses are fine: ignoring or confronting. I used to ignore trolls from the 90’s till maybe last year and noticed they don’t go away when ignored. That’s why I started to confront the ones who try to spread bald-faced lies about good people. To each their own and all that 🙂

      • There’s no way to know, of course, but I wonder if “Sue” is actually Carbsane under a different pseudonym? The above histrionic, non-factual, ad hominem-fueled rant sounds just like the kind of non-arguments she’s vomited forth before.

      • Just want to add that Tim Noakes has written that he is a Type I diabetic( little or no insulin produced by the pancreas ), and that he only allows himself 25 grams of carb per day. On the other hand, Type II diabetics are insulin resistant, but DO still have insulin produced by the pancreas. Ordinary people, I believe, can become insulin resistant by eating too many refined carbs ( like breads, rice, grains, legumes, sugar ) , and so they get chronically high insulin levels. I am thankful for the knowledge that Dr. Noakes has shared. I would love it if he would write another book explaining everything about LCHF and its good effect on the body ( the 6,000 pages of studies could be condensed ).

        • Hi Josella, not quite correct. Prof Noakes has written that he is a type 2 diabetic, though you are right that he keeps his carbs VERY low. By doing that, he has reversed all symptoms of his condition, although he continues to take low-dose metformin because he wants to have, as he puts it, ‘perfect blood sugar control’. In our new book, Lore of Nutrition, Challenging Conventional Dietary Guidelines (Penguin), Prof Noakes gives all the explanation and science you could possibly want! It’s well worth a read – not just because we’ve written it ;-). You really couldn’t make that stuff up – what top doctors, dietitians and academics got up to, to try to suppress the science for LCHF and destroy a distinguished scientist because they disagreed with his scientific opinions – and the robust evidence.

    • Sue, the slanderous, untrue comments you’ve made about Prof. Noakes fits the definition of “wicked” in my view. Perhaps you should get off your high horse and apologize to him for attempting to publicly harm his reputation here, today.

    • Sue, in that badly written effort, you manage to be illiterate, ill mannered and ignorant. The ADSA would welcome you with open arms.

    • Too late Sue, thinking people are ditching sugar and processed carbohydrates en-masse for a healthier LCHF lifestyle….

      Time to short the shares of industrial-scale food manufacturers, there’s money to be made from their certain demise

      The lipid hypothesis is dead, long live LCHF!!!

  8. Read David Gillespie’s new book Taming Toxic People – (he set me on the path for cutting out sugar & veg oils some years ago with his previous books) – this one describes Psychopaths who relentlessly pursue their enemies until they destroy them . Sounds very.much like those at HPCSA to me! By the way Marika it was good to meet you at the PHC conference in June. Keep up the Terrific work!

  9. I’m French, living on La Réunion island, not so far from SA that I visited. Since 6 months on LCHF (first just to try as I’m insuline sensitive, just 5 kg lost to regain my 20′ weigh and slimness.) ,I feel more happy than ever , eat once or twice a day, full of energy, sleep well. I just registered for a postgraduate certificate in “micro nutrition”, and I mentionned that I will mot eat with them at midday and why, and the medical Dr that organised this certificate answered me that LCHF is not wise life long as I intend to stay .Next year, I’ll register on your site to become a banting coach, I just got your book (the real meal revolution) . You’ll win!

  10. Can’t help but notice that the dietitians opposing Tim Noakes seem to be fat on the photographs. Can’t help but wonder if their advice seemed to be not working for them. One needs to live what one believes in. I will never go to a fat, out of shape dietitian.

    • I do agree with you Marika and it’s why I adopted the ketonic way of life, there are so many diabetic 2 people here on Reunion island, that to advise them, I feel that i have to test myself …it’s not a test, I’m so energetic with that diet and feeling calm together, I feel my body warmth when swimming in cold water….and more happy than ever!
      I’ll keep LCHF the rest of my life! And when I saw my medical Dr (to test my blood before beginning LCHF) , she’s really overweight, and diabetic, I sent her some information about the ketosis, and she ignored it… I’m happy to be healthy and no need to see her again!

    • More than half of NHS staff in the UK are overweight or obese. They have no credibility on this issue and it’s not unkind to say so. In a way, they are also victims of their organisation’s terrible advice, but it provides a bad example to the public. It feeds the attitude that it’s so difficult to control your weight. I’ve found it easy with a low-carb way of eating. The absence of hunger is surely the key?

  11. The appeal seems to me to be a tactic by ADSA/Agribusiness/Bigpharma to tie Noakes down. Wrap LCHF up in extended wrangling ad nauseam. Cast aspersions et al. Drown the movement in noise and heckling. It’s not about truth or morals or ethics. It’s about money and self interest

  12. I was always tired for years.When I got on the Noakes diet my life took a U turn.feel great now a year later.sugar almost killed me.

  13. A 4 to 1 verdict in Prof Noakes’s favour and they want to appeal? Unbelievable! The health professionals who might prefer their HPCSA fees be used for more worthwhile projects might think about putting a stop to it.

    I noticed that you mentioned HPCSA witnesses’, including Prof Hester “Este” Vorster, conflicts of interest. It appears she was part of the WHO Scientific Update on carbohydrates in human nutrition in 2007 which comes out pretty pro-carb, to put it mildly.

    “The positive messages of that consultation are also endorsed, notably the potential of whole-grains, legumes, vegetables and intact fruits to protect against diabetes and cardiovascular disease.”

    And, “Finally, the need to review the current recommended range for dietary carbohydrate intake (55–75% total energy) was identified. There appeared to be insufficient justification for the recommended lower limit, therefore a possible revision to 50% was suggested.” Wow, that’s big of them.

    I wonder what the justification for 75% total energy from carbs was?

  14. The huge food and pharma producers with their respective lobby agencies are starting to crumble at their argumentive foundations. When overwhelming scientific evidence faces them head on but still insist on embarking in a such a defiant manner it raises suspicions of bruised egos…………money involved with long outdrawn hearings. Not to mention the ever-present trend of being “Political correct”! It is and will remain, given the scientific facts that only the truth will prevail in the long run. Thanks to people like Prof. Noakes the world is better informed and thus we as the uninformed public can make wiser, healthier decisions.

  15. It took 70 years of sailors still dying from scurvy before the new knowledge was accepted as fact: lemons could stop scurvy. Will we have to wait 70 years before we can laugh at HPCSA and their ridiculous dietary advice? Thank you Tim Noakes for showing me the error of our ways . I’m reaping the benefits of a LCHF diet.

  16. There is irrefutable proof of evidence in the photographs posted on Facebook by people who have benefitted from the truth of Professor Noakes theory in practise. At 79 and after more than 20 years on chronic medication, I have lost weight, and am now free of all medication to the benefit of improved health and mental outlook and huge savings reflected in my medical aid account. The truth is in the photographic evidence.

    • Dear Dr NOAKES
      I am a 72 year old retired Georgia resident,USA with a background in Biology and Chemistry.i have been on the LCHF diet for 8 months along with intermittent fasting and have had no problems. I dropped 20 pounds in 6 weeks, have better mental clarity, and intend to remain on this lifestyle for life!
      I don’t have to tell you this,but FOLLOW THE MONEY!
      You have supporters all over the world. All you have to do is ask , and they will come.
      I would travel to Capetown to support your fight but not sure anticdotal testimony would help.

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