The rise of renegade doctors prepared to fight dogma

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Doctors who are prepared to say no to dogma

By Marika Sboros

If you read nothing else today, scroll down to click on the link to a powerful blog by brave British GP Dr Joanne McCormack. In it, she explains why she  openly advocates low-carb, high-fat (LCHF) food as medicine for diabetes and other serious disease in defiance of official dietary guidelines.

McCormack says her advice to patients is “not so much unconventional as the beginning of a global movement of doctors and scientists who treat chronic diseases in a non-interventionist way”. That way is  “based ultimately on the very simple idea that if a food has been eaten for millions of years, it must be safe, and that non drug methods may have less side effects and be more effective”. She is clearly not fat-phobic or a pusher of statins as first resort for heart disease.

Her blog  comes by way of award-winning British health journalist Jerome Burne (Health Insight UK and Body of Evidence). He’s well worth following for an independent voice on health, nutrition and medicine, the antics of doctors and dietitians in the thrall of food and drug companies. Burne rightly says: We need more  doctors like McCormack!

Must read! Meet a doctor who thinks for herself and wants you to as well


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