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Djokovic: have dietary changes restored his crown?

By Marika Sboros

(Updated Sept 2016)

World Number One tennis player Novak Djokovic is back as Australian Open champion for 2016. It’s hard to believe that just a few years ago, the Serbian’s career was in precipitous decline. The pundits were eagerly predicting Djokovic’s early demise.

It’s true that his on-court performance was inconsistent, punctuated by midmatch collapses. He complained of non-specific ailments. Among these were chronic fatigue, chest pains, stomach spasms and breathing difficulties that doctors diagnosed as sports-induced asthma.

Now, he’s is firmly back on track, or rather on court and dietary change appears to be an important factor in his return.

Federer: low-carb champion in ‘Banting’ court?

There’s good reason that Swiss champion Roger Federer is a phenomenon on and off court. From a brat who used to throw his racket around every time he lost a match as a child, he has matured into a sporting superstar.

He has evolved into an elegant, graceful, hard-working tennis professional. His diet will be just one factor. It’s not all healthy and Federer is known to have a sweet tooth.

But when he prepares for competition, you can bet that he goes for optimum fuel from foods.

Yet pundits were quick to write Federer off a just few short years ago. Boy, did they get that wrong!