By Marika Sboros


Are Big Food and Big Pharma really killing people for profit globally? Yes, say some of the biggest names in European orthodox medicine. They’re joining forces on a panel discussion at the European Parliament in Brussels on April 12

The doctors say they will “blow the cover” on the dark world of Big Food and Big Pharma lobbying” to influence dietary and medical guidelines.

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They promise a “unified show of force” that will expose collusion between politicians, respected medical institutions, “charities” and medical journals. They say that they will present new evidence of how food and drug industries have coerced doctors into prescribing unnecessary and potentially harmful treatments.

And they will show that major conflicts of interest at the highest levels have “hijacked evidence-based medicine”. The result, they say, has been an “epidemic of misinformation”.

Heading the panel is award-winning British cardiologist Dr Aseem Malhotra. With him are Dr Richard Thompson, personal physician to Britain’s Queen Elizabeth from 1984 to 2005 and past president of the Royal College of Physicians; endocrinologist Dr Carl Heneghan, Oxford University professor of evidence-based medicine; and Dutch diabetes professor at Leiden University Dr Hanno Pijl.