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    Dr Ann Childers is a child, adolescent and adult psychiatric physician with a special interest in nutrition, sleep, diabetes and metabolic syndrome in West Linn, Oregon in the US.  Dr Childers runs the Life Balance NorthWest Lifestyle Psychiatry practice and has now incorporated telehealth into her practice and sees more than 50 patients a week. Her approach to psychiatric treatment is holistic and integrates standard psychiatric care with principles of nutrition and restful sleep. She welcomes those who desire an integrated approach to psychiatric care, sleep and metabolism management.

    Dr Childers was ranked among the 5 top MDs by Onalytica on the topics of obesity, diabetes and sugar. She is in demand as a local and international lecturer and has published a number of textbook chapters, among them Nutritional Aspects of Psychiatry for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry: The Essentials (Cheng and Myers, 2011). Her lectures and podcasts can be viewed and heard on YouTube and elsewhere. Dr Childers is a member of the American Psychiatric Association, the American Medical Association, the Nutrition and Metabolism Society, Obesity Medicine Association, a Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association and Medical Advisor to the Hypoglycemia Support Foundation. She is also a US Air Force veteran.  For more information, you can call +1 503-344-6211 fax +1 503-344-6991, visit the Life Balance NorthWest website or follow her on Twitter @AnnChildersMD

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