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    Dr John Resneder runs the Keto Wellness and Hormone Clinic in Norman, Oklahoma. Dr Resneder says that the ketogenic diet is much more than a diet. It  is a lifestyle that rejuvenates and can create sustained well being in most of our organ systems. His clinic mission is wellness through personalized nutrition, hormone balance, and the correction of metabolic dysfunction. He says that with these goals, weight loss is maximized by selective fat burning. Patients can expect reduced inflammation which may counter many diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease, bowel irritation, depression, arthritis and many other debilitating diseases or disorders. For more information, you can call him on +1 405-217-2922, fax +1 405-217-2940 fax or visit the clinic website at www.johnresnedermd.com

    900 N. Porter Suite 212

    Norman, OK 73071

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