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    Dr Jeffry Gerber is a board-certified family physician and owner of South Suburban Family Medicine in Littleton, Colorado, where he is known as “Denver’s Diet Doctor”. He has been providing personalized healthcare to the local community since 1993 with an emphasis on longevity, wellness and prevention. Nutrition and its effects on health are main areas of interest. Frustrated with spiraling healthcare costs related to treatment of conditions like overweight, obesity, diabetes, atherosclerosis and heart disease, Dr Gerber focuses on prevention and treatment using low-carb high fat (LCHF), Ancestral, Paleo and Primal diets. He maintains a database of patients, looking at weight loss and improved cardio-metabolic markers, demonstrating the benefits of these types of diets. You can call him on 303-346-9490 or click here to view his new brochure.



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