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    US scientist Dr RD Dikeman is producer with Dr Richard Bernstein of Diabetes University (a series of free videos on YouTube on how best to manage type 1 diabetes). He is also co-founder of TYPEONEGRIT (Low carb for type 1 diabetes), a Facebook group for folks aged between one  to 81 all following a low-carb approach, all with normal blood sugars, all thriving. Dr Dikeman’s  son, David, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 2013. Like most families, they were sent home with a diet plan consisting of 40 to 60 g CHO per meal plus 15g snacks. Watching his son’s  blood glucose fluctuate wildly after a near death from diabetic ketoacidosis  (DKA) was “parent torture to the first degree”. Knowing nothing  about nutrition or diabetes management, he and his family were lucky enough to find Dr  Bernstein’s book, Diabetes Solution. They immediately began to follow Dr Bernstein’s prescription. Dr Dikeman’s son has been following a low-carb high-protein diet ever since and is thriving. His growth is on track. No hypoglycemia, no hyperglycemia, no DKA, no threat of complications. “Hope is restored.”

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