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    Tommy Le runs Keto Elite and offers online coaching and mentoring of individuals and professionals on how to adopt a carefully-formulated low-carb and ketogenic diet for weight-loss, health and lifestyle. Tommy has a Holistic Nutrition Diploma from The School of Natural Health and Sciences (London). He has learned about keto diets and lifestyle through personal experience, learning from the experts and reading up on all the research. For more information, you can call +44 7754453545, email, visit his website or follow him on Facebook      


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    United Kingdom is the world’s largest diabetes patient-expert community. By listening to the concerns of the community, provides health interventions that provide positive health outcomes. Over 200,000 people have taken part in a health intervention in the last year. The Low- Carb Program leads to a mean weight loss of 14.2 kilos (15%) after 6 months and people are improving their health. is not working against the advice of doctors . They are enhancing it.