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    Address: Cowgill Gardens
    EH16 6FQ
    United Kingdom

    Dr Estrelita van Rensburg qualified as a medical doctor in South Africa and now runs Wellness EQ from her base in Edinburgh, Scotland. Wellness EQ is a 3-month, step-by-step online programme that Dr van Rensburg developed to teach people what a healthy diet is from a metabolic perspective. The programme includes delicious recipes from natural ingredients, self-monitoring tools, weekly e-mail support as well as one-to-one online chats. Dr Van Rensburg is also author of Eat Well or Die Slowly published in August 2020. After medical school, she worked as a university consultant and researcher for 16 years before joining the pharmaceutical industry in a global position. During this phase of her career, she became acutely aware that the medical profession focused primarily on treating disease symptoms through prescribing medication rather than finding preventative solutions. She began researching preventative medicine. She became aware of misconceptions and misinformation regarding human nutrition in the mainstream media and medical community as important driving forces in increasing modern day lifestyle diseases. With this information, she and her business partner developed a healthy eating programme and tested it on ourselves and close associates over a period of several months.  Wellness EQ Programme is the result of their Read more [...]


    Category: DOCTORS
    Address: Aurora Medcare, King Edwards and Thames view Health Centres
    Greater London
    IG11 0LG
    United Kingdom

    Dr Miriam John is a British GP who runs Fixin’ D2, an innovative 12-week Low-Carb diet programme for her patients with type 2 diabetes at the NHS Aurora Medcare practice in the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham. The programme is set up to run in her primary-care network for a patient population of around 30,000. For more information, you can email and follow her on Twitter @DrMJohn1.


    Category: PHARMACISTS
    Address: Prolongevity, Unit 3, The Metro Centre, Ronsons Way
    St Albans
    AL4 9LU
    United Kingdom

    UK pharmacist Graham Phillips enjoys a reputation as “the pharmacist who gave up drugs”. He is founder of ProLongevity: Live Healthy for Longer, a clinically-tested, 8-week programme that helps people to lose weight, improve wellbeing and avoid or reverse type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome. The programme involves no drugs, no hunger, and no calorie-counting. It uses a combination of clinical expertise and new Continuous Blood Glucose (CGM) technology to monitor real-time blood sugar levels. The practice provides personalised advice based on clients’ unique body data.  For more information, call: +44  (0)1727 834 365, 7768 275 802, email Follow Graham on Twitter @grahamsphillips and @longevity_pro,  Facebook and Instagram. You can also find him on LinkedIn. To watch him on YouTube, click here:


    Category: DOCTORS
    Address: The Freshwell Health Centre, Wethersfield Rd
    CM7 4PL
    United Kingdom

    British GP Dr David Oliver works in the NHS (National Health Service) at the Freshwell Health Centre. It’s a dispensing practice of seven doctors who provide medical services to about 7,000 patients living in the mainly rural area surrounded by the conurbations of Braintree, Great Dunmow and Haverhill and a longstanding close relationship with their local community. The Centre runs the innovative Freshwell Low Carb Project that grew out of concern about the rising incidence of type 2 diabetes over the last few years, alongside the widely reported rapid increase in obesity in the UK population. Dr Oliver says there is now strong evidence that these increases are linked to the large amounts of sugar, starchy carbohydrates and processed food that we, as a society, consume. For more information, you can call  Dr Oliver on +44 (0)1371 810328, email him at, visit the practice website at or follow him on Twitter @LoCarbFreshwell


    Address: College Road
    West Midlands
    B44 0AR
    United Kingdom

    Tommy Le runs Keto Elite and offers online coaching and mentoring of individuals and professionals on how to adopt a carefully-formulated low-carb and ketogenic diet for weight-loss, health and lifestyle. Tommy has a Holistic Nutrition Diploma from The School of Natural Health and Sciences (London). He has learned about keto diets and lifestyle through personal experience, learning from the experts and reading up on all the research. For more information, you can call +44 7754453545, email, visit his website or follow him on Facebook      


    Category: DOCTORS
    Address: Manor Road
    TA24 6EJ
    United Kingdom

    Dr Peter Bagshaw is a GP and director of the  South West Clinical Network (SWCN)  for Dementia and Clinical Lead of the SWCN IAPT (Improving Access to Psychological Therapies). He is also Section Editor, Chronic Conditions. He favours a low-carb therapeutic dietary approach in his practice. For more information, you can call +44 7904506316, email,  visit his website at or follow him on Twitter @DrPeterBagshaw.  


    Address: The Practical Kitchen, 1 Greaves Ln
    Ashford in the Water
    DE45 1QH
    United Kingdom

    Gillian Larcombe is an Australian dietitian and nutritionist who offers dietetic and nutrition counselling (individual and group), meal and menu nutrition analysis, meal planning and nutrition presentations at her practice,The Practical Kitchen, in Derbyshire, England. With a Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics degree, she offers sound, evidence-based advice on diet and nutrition.For more information, you can call her on +44 7 848 179 851, email her at or visit the website:


    Category: DOCTORS
    Address: 49 Marylebone High St
    Greater London
    W1U 5HH
    United Kingdom

    Dr David Cavan FRCP is a UK endocrinologist at the London Diabetes Centre and an experienced diabetes physician who uses a low-carb approach to help people manage their diabetes. Dr Cavan is also a policy consultant and has expertise in all areas of diabetes management. His particular interests are in intensive management of type 1 diabetes including insulin pump therapy and in supporting lifestyle change to manage and reverse type 2 diabetes. He actively promotes self-management and has been closely involved in the development of education programmes for people with diabetes. His books include: Reverse Your Diabetes: The Step-by-Step Plan to Take Control of Type 2 Diabetes and Take Control of Type 1 Diabetes: A comprehensive guide to self-management and staying well. For more information, call 08000 483 330, email:, visit the website: www/ or follow Dr Cavan on his Facebook page or on twitter: @DrDavidCavan 


    Category: DOCTORS
    Address: 11 Norwood Ave
    PR9 7EG
    United Kingdom

    Dr Simon Tobin UK GP, GP Trainer and Diabetes Lead at Norwood Surgery in Southport, Merseyside. Dr Tobin has long studied diabetes, diet, exercise and cardiovascular disease and is passionate about the use of exercise in improving health outcomes and reducing medication. He works with GP Dr David Unwin, a pioneer of the use of low-carb diets to treat and manage diabetes in the UK. Dr Tobin is a parkrun Ambassador for Health and Wellbeing. parkrun is descrived as “the largest provider of free physical activity in the UK and possibly the world”. For more information, email Dr Tobin at, call +44 1704 226973, visit the surgery website at or follow him on Twitter: @DocRunner1    


    Address: 137 Brompton Rd
    Greater London
    SW3 1QF
    United Kingdom

    Morné Welgemoed is a holistic health, life and LCHF/Keto coach and a master personal trainer with 20 years professional experience in the health and well-being industry in London. Morné believes that being healthy and looking and feeling best should be fun and easy not a lifelong struggle. He believes that health does not have to come at the expense of a busy lifestyle,  business or career. Morné specializes in helping busy professionals adapt to a Banting/LCHF and ketogenic lifestyle. He creates bespoke, enjoyable, flexible and sustainable healthy lifestyles for his clients that they may have the health, energy, and longevity to fully enjoy the fruits of their labour. He practices what he preaches: Morné has lost close to 40kg after adopting an LCHF lifestyle and has never looked back. For more information, or for a complimentary consultation, call +447751967429, email him at or visit his website at      


    Category: DOCTORS
    Address: Price's Mill Surgery, Newmarket Road
    GL6 0DQ
    United Kingdom

    Dr Tom Malins is a General Practitioner working within the NHS in Gloucestershire, UK. He first became interested in lower carbohydrate, real food diet through his interest in lifestyle and preventative medicine and their impact on metabolic health. Dr Malins has an ongoing interest in how nutrition and diet impact on health and wellbeing in the wider context of lifestyle medicine and is currently planning how best to help a wider audience of patients through education. For more information, you can email him at


    Address: Cairnmore
    Logie Coldstone
    AB34 5PQ
    United Kingdom

    Lisa Bailey is a qualified naturopathic nutritionist, a  Primal Health Coach and personal trainer who helps clients reach their health and fitness goals through nutrition and exercise programs. For more information, call +44 (0) 7780978848 or email her at


    Category: DOCTORS
    Address: Trust Headquarters
    West Sussex
    BN13 3EP
    United Kingdom

    Dr David Denton is consultant psychiatrist and Clinical Lead for Dementia at  Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust / NHS, NW Sussex in England. For more information, you can email him on


    Category: DOCTORS
    Address: N/A
    United Kingdom

    South African-born Dr Shaun Scott, MBChB (UCT95), DipPEC (SA), FRCA, is a consultant anaesthetist for Cancer Surgery and Interventional Radiology at Oxford University Hospitals Foundation NHS Trust. Dr Scott is also a superfit marathon runner cyclist and fundraiser for Fire Fighters Charity. He uses low-carb, high-fat (LCHF) diets to support and power his physical training. That’s thanks to what he has learned from reading about the trial in South Africa of Prof Tim Noakes, who taught him at medical school, and from reading Lore of Nutrition: Challenging Conventional Dietary Beliefs, co-authored by Prof Noakes and Marika Sboros.  For more information, email Dr Scott at or follow him on Twitter @upyrbike  


    Category: DOCTORS
    Address: Tudor Way
    Mill End
    WD3 8HS
    United Kingdom

    Dr Ashvy Bhardwaj is The Bespoke Doctor, a  British GP, nutritionist and personal trainer all in one. Dr Bhardwaj practices functional/ lifestyle medicine mainly and supports low-carb diet therapies. She also works as a conventional GP, but mainly for acute medical problems. She sees patients in their homes or in my consulting room and provides them with comprehensive plans, to address both their current medical issues but with a big focus on preventative care too. Dr Bhardwaj has a “massive passion” for cooking so provide tailor-made bespoke plans. For more information, you can email her on or visit her website at


    Address: 1 Wellcroft Cottages
    West Sussex
    BN6 9BZ
    United Kingdom

    Richard Stantiford is an ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist, BACPR Certified Exercise Professional and Clinical Exercise Specialist in obesity and diabetes in the UK. He provides education, behaviour change counselling, nutritional advice and cardiac rehabilitation exercise services for the Take Heart Group. He is also the appointed Exercise Specialist for Complex Obesity (Tier 3) Adult Weight Management Service for NHS patients in Sussex. Richard is currently researching Nutritional Medicine and investigating the potential health benefits of LCHF Mediterranean Diet and High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) on individuals with CHD and type 2 diabetes. He recently became an ambassador for the Public Health Collaboration (PHC). Richard has over 28 years experience in health and fitness industry. For more information, email him at or visit


    Category: DOCTORS
    Address: Bodymapping Clinic, Bawtry
    South Yorkshire
    DN10 6PT
    United Kingdom

    Dr Michael Bazlinton runs the Bodymapping Clinic in Doncaster in the UK. He practises family and lifestyle medicine and personal health coaching for optimising health, wellness and performance in life. For more information, email Dr Bazlinton at or visit the website at


    Address: Peppermint Wellness,
    Greater Manchester
    WA14 3JS
    United Kingdom

    Suzy Glaskie is a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach and founder of Peppermint Wellness in the UK. She is also an author and blogger. After a 22-year career in PR (during which she managed many campaigns for the food industry and saw first-hand how it manipulates people to become hooked on unhealthy foods), Suzy followed her heart and retrained as a health coach. She now works with individuals, groups and organisations to empower people to take back their health, boost their energy, feel comfortable in their own skin – and start to thrive. For more information, email her at or visit the Peppermint Wellness website at


    Category: DOCTORS
    Address: Locum,
    Cheshire West and Chester
    CH2 1LL
    United Kingdom

    New Zealand-trained GP Dr Hannah Donaldson is a locum working in Chester in the North West of England. Dr Donaldson is also an Ambassador for the Public Health Collaboration UK.  For more information, you can email her at


    Category: DOCTORS
    Address: Clifton Area
    City of Bristol
    BS1 6FS
    United Kingdom

    Dr Peter Foley is a British GP with an extra qualification in Sport and Exercise Medicine in Bristol. He is passionate about the promotion of health through lifestyle modification. Dr Foley has a particular area of interest in the promotion of healthy food. He writes for, the world’s largest low-carb website and is also an advisor for, the world’s largest diabetes website. Dr Foley does ongoing research into exercise and nutrition for pre-diabetes.  For more information, you can email him at or visit his website at Follow Dr Foley on Twitter @peterfoley_7 or Instagram @drpeterjfoley.