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    Address: Cathall Rd
    Greater London
    E11 4LE
    United Kingdom

    Lucian Acaru is a personal trainer and lifestyle coach in London. While researching for his dissertation, he realised that nearly half of what he learnt during his sports science degree was wrong; the evidence did not support much of what he was taught . That’s when he came across the work of Dr Robert Lustig, Dr John Judkin, Dr Tim Noakes and science writer Gary Taubes. This fundamentally changed his understanding of how to achieve optimal health. Eat fat get lean was born. His philosophy is simple: just eat real food, never count calories and mind your level of insulin resistance. Since 2013, he started applying these principles together with natural movement to benefit his clients. Many have achieved transformational change. Most importantly, they are still maintaining this lifestyle. He plans next to tackle a change in the food environment: food boxes and delivered cooked meals that adhere to eat-fat, get-lean principles.  


    Address: Linden Mill, X-PERT Health,
    Hebden Bridge
    West Yorkshire
    HX7 7DP
    United Kingdom

    Dr Trudi Deaken runs X-PERT Health,  a registered charity in the UK. It is committed to providing X-PERT Educator courses to healthcare professionals and lay educators to develop their competencies in evidence-based care, enabling  them to deliver evidence-based structured patient education to people with, or at risk of, diabetes. Its mission is to ensure that all people at risk of, or diagnosed with, long-term conditions have access to good quality and enjoyable structured education leading to increased skills, knowledge and confidence in the prevention and self-management of their long-term medical conditions.