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    Bitte Björkman is a nutrition coach in Sweden and co-founder of The Low-Carb Universe with Hanna Boëthius. They organize low carb events and retreats in Europe.  Bitte is a former reporter and marketer who changed career when she trained to be a dietary advisor in 2014. Low-carb, high-fat (LCHF) has been her model since January 2009. She used it to get rid of 15 kilos, migraines, gastric catarrh, dry skin, low energy levels etc. Besides The Low Carb Universe, she works for the non-profit organisation, Dietary Science Foundation. The Foundation’s purpose is to raise funds to finance scientific studies about how diet affects health and the possible side effects caused by a change of diet. For more information, visit The Low Carb Universe website email her at bitte@thelowcarbuniverse.com


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    Ruth Jamieson is passionate about eating natural, whole food as mother nature intended it. In her practice at Ruth Jamieson Nutrition in Lisbon, Portugal, she believes in eating low-carbohydrate, ancestral or paleo style diets that focus on natural unprocessed foods to address many chronic diseases and promote wellness. Ruth uses the functional medicine approach which seeks to address the root cause of imbalance and thus looks at family history, as well as genetic, lifestyle and environmental impacts on health. She has a special interest in type 1 Diabetes and low-carb/ketogenic diets, which she successfully uses to manage her own diabetes. Ruth works with clients both locally and internationally (in person or via Skype). For more information, email her at: info@ruthjamiesonnutrition.co.uk


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    Lisa La Nasa of diaVerge Diabetes is a low-carb writer, advocate, wellness coach and warrior who has been living with type 1 diabetes since 2002. For years – 12 to be exact – she followed the recommended diet plan her doctors gave her. The plan was no plan at all: just eat what you want and cover it with insulin. After struggling with diabetes for all that time, Lisa went searching for answers and ended up changing her life in the process. In 2015, Lisa launched diaVerge Diabetes where she writes about the low-carb approach to diabetes management, cooking and travel with diabetes. Lisa believes everyone with diabetes has the right to know how a low-carb lifestyle can help attain normal (non-diabetic) blood glucose levels.  


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    Ahmed Afifi is a mechanical engineer, certified energy manager, author and associate diabetes educator. He was diagnosed with LADA (latent autoimmune diabetes in adults) in 2003 and was “lost with high blood sugar numbers and non-control of diabetes until 2010”. Then he found the book, The Diabetes Solution, by  Dr Richard K Bernstein. It changed his life. His blood sugar markers and  triglycerides came down dramatically. He is now a low-carb advocate and author of What you do not know about Diabetes  in Arabic. He has also written many diabetes management‘s articles in many Middle Eastern news papers and on my website www.ahmedafifi.org  and  his Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/amdiabetic/.  


    Address: Hanna Diabetes Expert, Bahnhofstrasse 21

    Hanna Boëthius (www.hannaboethius.com) is a trained nutrition coach and co-founder with Bitte Björkman of The Low-Carb Universe, where they organize low-carb events and retreats in Europe. Through her company, Hanna Diabetes Expert, Hanna helps people with diabetes to be healthier, happier and more confident in their own care. Hanna was diagnosed as a type 1 diabetic in 1985 at the age of two. Being a certified nutrition coach, as well as having lived with type 1 diabetes for over 30 years, has left her with a lot of knowledge and understanding to find solutions quickly and turn them into lasting results, with low-carb eating at the very centre. For more information, email her at me@hannaboethius.com or visit The Low Carb Universe.


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    Dr Troy Stapleton, MBBS, FRANZCR, is an Australian radiologist whose advocacy of low-carb, high-fat (LCHF) comes from personal experience: He developed type 1 diabetes in 2012 at the age 41. He adopted a low-carbohydrate diet and follows the approach of Dr Richard Bernstein. That has allowed him to normalise his blood glucose on a reduced dose of insulin with minimal hypoglycaemia. Dr Stapleton is active in cycling, surfing and hiking. He says a low-carbohydrate diet has allowed him to continue with these activities without fear of hypoglycaemia. Watch him on Youtube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZSrOC5m_RZY.


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    Dr Ian Lake is a British  GP who is committed to providing information to people with  type 1 diabetes on low carbohydrate diets. He has the condition and finds that nutritional ketosis is a good way of controlling diabetes with minimal carbohydrate. He is the author of a programme on LCHF conversion in Type 1 diabetes,  which will be online from the winter of 2016. He is a founder member of the Public Health Collaboration.