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    Address: Peppermint Wellness,
    Greater Manchester
    WA14 3JS
    United Kingdom

    Suzy Glaskie is a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach and founder of Peppermint Wellness in the UK. She is also an author and blogger. After a 22-year career in PR (during which she managed many campaigns for the food industry and saw first-hand how it manipulates people to become hooked on unhealthy foods), Suzy followed her heart and retrained as a health coach. She now works with individuals, groups and organisations to empower people to take back their health, boost their energy, feel comfortable in their own skin – and start to thrive. For more information, email her at suzy@peppermintwellness.co.uk or visit the Peppermint Wellness website at www.peppermintwellness.co.uk.