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    Category: DOCTORS
    Address: Ulaishah, King Saud Medical City
    Riyadh Province
    Saudi Arabia

    Dr Mohammad Altayaran is a radiologist in KSMC in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia who can offer medical diagnostics for patients, he can correlate clinical, lab data with imaging that help in diagnosis. He has an interest in low-carb evidence and can correlate the changes via imaging. Although a visit to a primary physician or specialist is required initially to evaluate the patient, the radiologist communicates with the physicians and patients to individualize the imaging exam and to give an appropriate diagnosis, and recommendations. For more information, you can email him on Altayaran.m@gmail.com or follow him on Twitter @DeepKetosis.  


    Address: 7119 West Sunset Blvd
    Los Angeles
    United States

    Stephanie Person is a personal trainer and low-carb, keto coach and activist. She started educating herself about the benefits of low-carb and keto-adaptation when trying to drive ketosis in her mother, who was suffering from what doctors diagnosed as terminal glioblastoma brain tumor. Doctors gave her six months to live. Stephanie dramatically lowered her mother’s carbohydrate intake and raised her dietary fats exponentially. Immediately, her mother’s cancer growth stopped. Seven years later, her mother is alive, well and by all accounts, cancer-free. Stephanie began using ketosis on herself, with powerful health improvements. She extended that to friends and personal training clients. Over two years, she coached eight subjects with 100% improvement in their weight loss goals. Since then, she has keto-coached 84 clients with excellent results. She also does online consultations. For more information, visit her website at  stephanieperson.com