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    Dr Jackie Montefiore is an MD with a fellowship in General Practice who follows a low-carb, high-healthy-fat (LCHF) approach at her Santé Clinic in Brisbane. During her years of experience working in the healthcare system both as a doctor and previously a registered dietitian, she has seen first-hand the limitations of the traditional medical model. Thus, Dr Montefiore has accumulated almost 20 years of experience and education in the fields of medicine and dietetics. She believes that at all stages of healthcare, a greater emphasis should be placed on disease prevention and using lifestyle interventions first and foremost to prevent and reverse chronic diseases. In recent years, she has discovered the power of using simple but effective lifestyle measures, including diet, and witnessed the profound effect these can have on improving her patients’ and her own health. For more information, call  +61 1300 4 SANTE (1300 4 72683),  email info@santemedical.com.au or visit the Santé Clinic website at https://santemedical.com.au/.


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    Dr Ashvy Bhardwaj is The Bespoke Doctor, a  British GP, nutritionist and personal trainer all in one. Dr Bhardwaj practices functional/ lifestyle medicine mainly and supports low-carb diet therapies. She also works as a conventional GP, but mainly for acute medical problems. She sees patients in their homes or in my consulting room and provides them with comprehensive plans, to address both their current medical issues but with a big focus on preventative care too. Dr Bhardwaj has a “massive passion” for cooking so provide tailor-made bespoke plans. For more information, you can email her on ashvy@thebespokedoctor.com or visit her website at www.thebespokedoctor.com


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    Dr Peter Foley is a British GP with an extra qualification in Sport and Exercise Medicine in Bristol. He is passionate about the promotion of health through lifestyle modification. Dr Foley has a particular area of interest in the promotion of healthy food. He writes for dietdoctor.com, the world’s largest low-carb website and is also an advisor for diabetes.co.uk, the world’s largest diabetes website. Dr Foley does ongoing research into exercise and nutrition for pre-diabetes.  For more information, you can email him at peter.j.t.foley@gmail.com or visit his website at www.drpeterfoley.com. Follow Dr Foley on Twitter @peterfoley_7 or Instagram @drpeterjfoley.   


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    Dr Beate Setzer is a Cape Town GP (general practitioner) with a special interest in lifestyle diseases, such as diabetes, obesity, hypertension and heart disease, as well as asthma and allergies. In her practice, she also actively promotes a low-carbohydrate diet and eliminating and decreasing processed food with its high-sugar content to help heal the many chronic diseases that people face today. You can contact her on +27 (0) 21 5101441, fax +27 (0) 865410365 or email: esmm@worldonline.co.za.