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    Bitte Björkman is a nutrition coach in Sweden and co-founder of The Low-Carb Universe with Hanna Boëthius. They organize low carb events and retreats in Europe.  Bitte is a former reporter and marketer who changed career when she trained to be a dietary advisor in 2014. Low-carb, high-fat (LCHF) has been her model since January 2009. She used it to get rid of 15 kilos, migraines, gastric catarrh, dry skin, low energy levels etc. Besides The Low Carb Universe, she works for the non-profit organisation, Dietary Science Foundation. The Foundation’s purpose is to raise funds to finance scientific studies about how diet affects health and the possible side effects caused by a change of diet. For more information, visit The Low Carb Universe website email her at

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