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    Stephanie Joyner of Complete Living ( is a  consulting dietician based in Pietermaritzburg, in South Africa. She has been using low-carb,healthy fat, real food regimens in her practice for some years now.  She says there is no such thing as a one-size- fits-all approach for weight loss or the management of medical conditions. She sees each person as a unique individual, with different needs, goals and lifestyles. Stephanie says a holistic and lifestyle approach is needed for any improvement in wellness. Nutrition is just  one part of the puzzle. However, one should not underestimate the positive impact that an eating plan which focuses on whole foods and nutrient density can have one one’s health and body composition. Seeing somebody with metabolic syndrome, diabetes, high blood pressure or any other chronic condition transform into a leaner, healthier and happier person brings her immense joy. Being a Comrades marathon runner, she also enjoys working with athletes, from elites to weekend warriors.



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