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    Address: Prolongevity, Unit 3, The Metro Centre, Ronsons Way
    St Albans
    AL4 9LU
    United Kingdom

    UK pharmacist Graham Phillips enjoys a reputation as “the pharmacist who gave up drugs”. He is founder of ProLongevity: Live Healthy for Longer, a clinically-tested, 8-week programme that helps people to lose weight, improve wellbeing and avoid or reverse type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome. The programme involves no drugs, no hunger, and no calorie-counting. It uses a combination of clinical expertise and new Continuous Blood Glucose (CGM) technology to monitor real-time blood sugar levels. The practice provides personalised advice based on clients’ unique body data.  For more information, call: +44  (0)1727 834 365, 7768 275 802, email Follow Graham on Twitter @grahamsphillips and @longevity_pro,  Facebook and Instagram. You can also find him on LinkedIn. To watch him on YouTube, click here:


    Address: 10201 NW 58th St
    United States

    Dr Guillermo Rodriguez Navarrete studied pharmacy and later nutrition at the University of Granada in Spain, with stays in England, Ireland and Italy, until he completed his doctorate, cum laude, in nutrition under the tutelage of Dr José Mataix Verdú. Dr Navarette currently lives in Miami, where he advises and lectures on optimum nutrition to treat and prevent serious diseases and favours a low-carb, high-fat, real-food approach. As head of the Ibero-American University Foundation in the Central American region, where he actively collaborated in the establishment of three  Nutrition Faculties in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador. He  is author and editor of several books on different areas of nutrition and food and lectures and  He continues to practice nutrition education as a collaborator in TV programs on Telemundo and Univisión. Dr Navarette recently became the first Spaniard to be named Fellow of the American College of Nutrition (FACN). He is also a member of the American Society for Nutrition, and of Doral Pro Health, a foundation that offers free health services to people without health insurance in the state of Florida. For more information, call  +1 305-335-2413, email, visit his website at and follow him on Twitter @Nutrillermo.


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    Address: 30 Avenue Henley
    Mount Royal
    H3P 1V3

    Canadian pharmacist Jean-Yves Dionne is also an integrative health coach, trainer, clinical consultant and founder of L’Académie de l’Apothicaire (Apothecary Academy) in Quebec. His mission: Helping people achieve their health goals through optimisation of diet, lifestyle, supplements and medication. He currently teaches at Université Laval and Université de Montreal. The Academy offers designed training to expand the toolkit for health professionals. For more information, you can email him at or visit his websites at and


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    Address: 1877 Williams Highway
    Grants Pass
    United States

    Erik Jones, PharmD, BCACP,  is a clinical pharmacist who practises direct patient care at the Grants Pass Community Based Outpatient Clinic. He mainly sees patients for diabetes, hypertension, lipids (blood fats) and lifestyle counselling.  Once there is a  diagnosis in place, he helps patients reach their goals and get them off medications wherever possible. He also tries to help with medicine reconciliation and formulary management as well. For more information, you can call 541-955- 5551 or email him at  


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    Address: Lee's Total Health Pharmacy, 725 Parkway
    United States

    Eric D Lee, of Lee’s Total Health Pharmacy in Tennessee, works with patients to reverse type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome. He does so by coaching them through LCHF nutrition, intermittent fasting, prescribing vitamin supplementation (including restoration of their microbiome) and working with their physician to decrease or discontinue medications. He also coaches patients who are interested in weight loss. For more information, visit (under construction).


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    Address: N/A
    Prince Edward Island

    Angela Doucette is a Canadian hospital pharmacist and pharmacy informatics specialist. She supports the science and theory behind low-carb, high-fat therapies to treat and prevent serious disease. For more information, you can visit her Ketosolution website.    


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    Address: Redcliff Pharmasave, 114 Broadway Ave E
    T0J 2P0

    Melissa and Rob Hozack are both pharmacists at Redcliff Pharmasave. Since 2013, they have brought in the Ideal Protein Weight Loss program and have taken it to new heights, incorporating their expertise in the medical field. They focus on healthy eating with LCHF and keto therapies and information. Through Melissa’s leadership and expertise as a pharmacist, they have successfully helped almost 600 dieters lose an astonishing 25,000lbs (~40lbs/dieter!) Melissa herself has lost 125lbs with the program and is an excellent leader and support for her dieters. They say Low-carb foods have helped reverse metabolic syndrome conditions towards health care, not sick care. For more information, call  +1 403-952-5978 , email, follow them on Facebook or on Twitter @RedcliffPharm.    


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    Address: Ditch The Carbs
    New Zealand

    Libby Jenkinson is a registered pharmacist, mother of three and the founder of, the leading low carb website in New Zealand and Australia. She believes she has helped more people regain their health in the last 2 years with than the last 25 years dispensing medicines. All her recipes are low-carb, sugar-free, grain-free and gluten-free. Her emphasis is on low-carb real food to help regain health, lose weight and prevent diet-related diseases. She makes real food real easy.