Category: NURSES
    Address: Functional Movement Training Centre, 457 Wickham Terrace
    Spring Hill

    Joanne Johnson is a registered nurse and co-director of the Functional Movement Training Centre in Spring Hill, Queensland, Australia, that provides back pain rehabilitation programs. Joanne is also an affiliate owner of a hospital-based CrossFit Box and the Practice Nurse for City to Coast Neurosurgery. The practice offers patients information sheets for optimum treatment of metabolic disease and that includes low-carb, high-fat (LCHF) information. A registered nutritionist is available for patients who need further dietary information. For more information, you can contact Joanne at the Functional Movement Training Centre website at or contact her via email:


    Category: NURSES
    Address: Tamms Kanalväg 11C
    Gävleborgs län
    820 64

    Bitten Jonsson is a registered nurse, addiction and relapse-prevention specialist and ADDIS/SUGAR authorised (a dependency diagnostic tool). She runs Bittens Addiction Corp, where she has developed a holistic treatment model and screening and diagnostic tools for sugar addiction. Her work includes teaching low-carb and ketogenic diets, developing new treatment models and training the new generation of sugar-addiction counselors. She lectures to professionals, teaches, coaches and is author of books on sugar addiction (currently only in Swedish). For more information, email her at or visit


    Category: NURSES
    Address: N/A
    United States

    Nicole Recine RN, MSN, is a certified diabetes educator (CDE) in the US, who uses a low-carb, high-fat approach to help diabetics reduce medications and/or reverse their condition. She also helps type 1 diabetics lower their insulin needs and can interpret advanced lipiology lab work. Through her experience working as a nurse, Nicole became interested in helping people with metabolic syndrome, pre-diabetes, diabetes, and other chronic conditions better manage their condition and improve their health through lifestyle modifications and education. She believes in empowering people with knowledge about their condition and an understanding of their treatment so that the individual is truly in charge of their own health and wellness. Nicole bases all of her recommendations and guidance on current science and research while tailoring to each person’s unique situation and health status. For more information, visit her website Nicole Recine RN MSN CDE (      


    Address: 13 Jacqueline Dr
    Dolphin Coast
    South Africa

    Bridgette Allan is a registered nurse and midwife in private practice in KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa, and a Certified Banting Coach with The Real Meal Revolution. Her core focus is helping clients correct disease through nutrition and healthy lifestyle changes. She also works part-time in a busy medical practice in which I coach patients to follow an LCHF diet as part of the treatment for obesity and metabolic syndrome. Having corrected her own poor health through a low-carb diet , she is driven to help others improve the quality of their health through good nutrition (LCHF) and lifestyle changes suited to their individual health needs. She is author of The Banting Solution (Penguin) and The Banting Pocket Guide (Penguin). For more information, you can email her at