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    Josephine Barbarino was an architect in Germany before becoming a keto activist and founder of the Keto Live Project in 2014. She started the project after reversing her own type 2 diabetes within three months of changing her diet, and later, watching her brother recover fully from cancer cachexia with the help of a liquid ketogenic tube feed. Josephine now works to spread the scientifically proven knowledge to doctors, other healthcare professionals and patients about the power of food and the ketogenic diet as a medical tool in the fight against chronic diseases.

    She has organised the first International Keto Live Conference in Switzerland on the Future Prevention and Treatment of Non-Communicable Diseases from June 10-14, 2019.

    For more information, call +49151 25 25 0 100, email, visit her website at www.keto-live, follow her on Twitter @Keto_Live, Facebook or LinkedIn.

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