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    Dr Antti Heikkilä is an orthopaedic surgeon at Eira Hospital in Finland. He is also specialised in trauma surgery. His special interest has always been the back and still is. He realised that surgery is a very bad method to handle back pains as the spine is a whole functional unit. He says the  pain originates from the tension of the deep spinal supporting muscles. It´s mainly a psychosomatic phenomenon. Dr Heikkilä also soon became frustrated with all those leg amputations due to diabetes. Twenty years ago, he became involved with nutrition and left surgery. SInce then he has been handling  pain patients with his hands and diabetes patients with nutrition. He says low-carb is not a new  idea. It was a standard procedure when he graduated early 1970. For more information, visit his website, http://www.anttiheikkila.com.


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