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    Address: 75 Freedom Dr
    North Carolina
    United States

    Dr Andy Phung is board-certified in family medicine and sees patients of all ages, from newborn to elderly, at his practice, UNC Family Medicine at Pittsboro, North Carolina. He is a strong advocate for the prevention of chronic disease through lifestyle changes rather than the current traditional medicine of prescribing drugs. Dr Phung promotes low-carb, ketogenic and intermittent fasting therapies to treat/reverse metabolic syndromes. For more information, you can call him on +1 (919) 545-0911, visit the website: or follow him on Twitter: @drandyphung  



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    Address: 8675 Valley Creek Rd
    United States

    Dr Timothy Noonan is a family medicine physician at Allina Health in Woodbury, Minnesota. His special interests include low-carb therapies for obesity, type 2 diabetes, lipids, cholesterol, hypertension and preventive health. For more information, you can call +1 651-241-3000, follow him on Facebook at or on Twitter @TimNoonanMD  



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    Address: TCP Model Hospital Sholam
    Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

    Dr Iftikhar Kazi is an internist at TCP Model Hospital Sholam in Wana, Pakistan, who supports low-carb dietary therapies to treat and prevent serious chronic diseases. For more information, you can call him on +923159373734 or email


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    Address: 167
    Uttar Pradesh

    Dr Pallavi Aga is a physician in private practice in Noida, India, who trained at the  King George’s Medical College Lucknow and Sanjay Gandhi Postgraduate Institute of Medical Sciences Lucknow.  She has been in clinical practice for 20 years and is currently pursuing preventive health as a health solution provider with a focus on nutritional counseling, especially for lifestyle diseases and weight loss. For more information, you can call +91 8127415188, email, visit her website at or follow her on Twitter @aga_pallavi.    


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    Address: Institute for Medical Wellness, 110 Marter Ave, Suite 408
    New Jersey
    United States

    Steven Horvitz, DO, is the solo physician in the Institute for Medical Wellness in new Jersey. The Institute is a direct primary care practice that focuses on wellness and prevention of disease with a strong focus on metabolic and autoimmune disease processes. Dr Horvitz uses a blend of lifestyle approaches with both traditional and functional/holistic treatments. He has a large patient base focusing on low carb, keto, carnivore and paleo lifestyles. For more information, call +1 856-231-0590, email him at or visit his website at  


    Address: 1870 Internationale Blvd
    Glendale Heights
    United States

    Dr Anthony Gustin, DC, MS, is an American board-certified sports chiropractor, functional medicine practitioner, entrepreneur, podcast host, food skeptic and CEO of Perfect Keto. He holds a Biology degree, a Bachelor of Science in Human Anatomy, a Masters of Science in Exercise and Sports Science (MS) and a Doctorate in Chiropractic (DC). Dr Gustin is also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician (CCSP). He follows a low-carb, keto approach to nutrition advice. For more information, you can email him at, follow him on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


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    Address: 84 NY-303
    New York
    United States

    Dr Tro Kalayjian is a US physician who runs Dr Tro’s Medical Weight Loss and Direct Primary Care practice in Tappen, New York. Dr Kalayjian is focused on lifestyle and diet to reverse chronic diseases, such as diabetes, hypertension and dyslipidemia. His practice is boosted by his personal experience of obesity that gives him a greater capacity for empathy with his overweight patients. What he has found during his journey and research is in such stark contrast to what we have been told. Eating multiple small meals DOES NOT speed up your metabolism, he says. Fruit Juices ARE NOT healthy. Red meat and full-fat yogurt ARE healthy. For more information, please call +1 845-397-2873, email or visit his website at

  • Springfield Wellness Center

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    Neurodegenerative diseases are accompanied by chronic viral infections, which may result in an increase of neurodegenerative diseases progression, emerged. Neurodegenerative diseases are chronic degenerative pathologies of the Central Nervous System characterized by progressive loss of specific neurons that lead to a decline in brain functions.his includes diseases such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s and CTE.At Springfield Wellness Center, Our training program prepares physicians and mental health practitioners to provide the highest measure of care with the intravenous application of Brain Restoration or Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (BR+/NAD). Springfield Chronic Pain Treatment

  • Evolution MedSpa Boston

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    Address: 2112, 1290 Boylston St Chestnut Hill Massachusetts
    Chestnut Hill
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    Once you have made the decision to move forward with body contouring, you will need to choose the CoolSculpting procedure. Evolution MedSpa Boston uses CoolSculpting to help our patients reach their fat-loss goals because it is a quick, effective ways to lose unwanted fat.Call us today to set up your free consultation. Cool Sculpting Boston

  • Premiere Surgical Arts

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    Looking for a Breast Lift Surgery in Houston and nearby surgery center then visit Premiere Surgical Arts. We are one of the best in providing breast lift surgery. In breast lift, the nipple is lift above the crease to restore a youthful look. In this process only the shape of breast is change not the size. Breast Lift Surgery Houston

  • Evolution MedSpa Boston

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    Address: 1270A Boylston St
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    Evolution MedSpa Boston, you can get dermal fillers to reduce your skin’s signs of aging. Out Trusted Dermal Fillers Specialist give you a non surgical treatment to see improvements.   Botox Treatment In Boston


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    Address: 49 Marylebone High St
    Greater London
    W1U 5HH
    United Kingdom

    Dr David Cavan FRCP is a UK endocrinologist at the London Diabetes Centre and an experienced diabetes physician who uses a low-carb approach to help people manage their diabetes. Dr Cavan is also a policy consultant and has expertise in all areas of diabetes management. His particular interests are in intensive management of type 1 diabetes including insulin pump therapy and in supporting lifestyle change to manage and reverse type 2 diabetes. He actively promotes self-management and has been closely involved in the development of education programmes for people with diabetes. His books include: Reverse Your Diabetes: The Step-by-Step Plan to Take Control of Type 2 Diabetes and Take Control of Type 1 Diabetes: A comprehensive guide to self-management and staying well. For more information, call 08000 483 330, email:, visit the website: www/ or follow Dr Cavan on his Facebook page or on twitter: @DrDavidCavan 


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    Address: 11 Norwood Ave
    PR9 7EG
    United Kingdom

    Dr Simon Tobin UK GP, GP Trainer and Diabetes Lead at Norwood Surgery in Southport, Merseyside. Dr Tobin has long studied diabetes, diet, exercise and cardiovascular disease and is passionate about the use of exercise in improving health outcomes and reducing medication. He works with GP Dr David Unwin, a pioneer of the use of low-carb diets to treat and manage diabetes in the UK. Dr Tobin is a parkrun Ambassador for Health and Wellbeing. parkrun is descrived as “the largest provider of free physical activity in the UK and possibly the world”. For more information, email Dr Tobin at, call +44 1704 226973, visit the surgery website at or follow him on Twitter: @DocRunner1    


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    Address: Augusta University
    United States

    Dr James Crownover is a US physical medicine and rehabilitation physician subspecialized in sports medicine practicing academic medicine at Augusta University in Augusta, Georgia. Dr Crownover has a special interest in how lifestyle behaviors affect our health and well-being. Variables such as diet, sleep, stress, sun exposure, gut ecology, the body’s entire microbiome, social networks, having a purpose, a sense of belonging, stress management, daily movement and scheduled exercise all play significant and under-appreciated roles in our wellness, performance, and overall quality of life. He finds it useful to view these variables through an evolutionary lens when possible. Most of his attention is currently devoted to managing and studying concussions, tendinopathies, osteoarthritis, and other degenerative conditions of the musculoskeletal system. For more information, email Dr Crownover at, visit his website at or follow him on Twitter: @doccrown and Facebook: @jamescrownovermd


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    Address: Bogardeind 2
    North Brabant
    5664 EH

    Dr Hans van Kuijk is a consultant sports and exercise physician at St Anna Ziekenhuis hospital in Geldrop in the Netherlands. Since 2002, he has been chief medical officer of the hospital’s cardiac rehabilitation program. Dr Van Kuijk has been team doctor of elite athlete teams in basketball at national level and swimming and long-track speedskating at international level. In 2009 the hospital founded TopSupport in Eindhoven as a centre of excellence, specializing in optimal integrated care (prevention, diagnostics, cure, rehabilitation) for athletes of all levels. Since 2012, he has personally focused on lifestyle-related chronic diseases, more so after visiting South Africa for the 2015 Old Mutual Health Convention in Cape Town (LCHF summit). In 2016, he started the GezondDorp project with local GP Norbert van den Hurk in his home village of Leende. Dr Van Kuijk is building a new centre of excellence for preventative/integrative Lifestyle Medicine at the hospital. For more information, call +31 40 2864831, +31 40 2864144, email, visit the websites,,  or, follow him on Twitter @sportsdochans   and on Facebook at


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    Address: 161 Given Terrace

    Dr Jackie Montefiore is an MD with a fellowship in General Practice who follows a low-carb, high-healthy-fat (LCHF) approach at her Santé Clinic in Brisbane. During her years of experience working in the healthcare system both as a doctor and previously a registered dietitian, she has seen first-hand the limitations of the traditional medical model. Thus, Dr Montefiore has accumulated almost 20 years of experience and education in the fields of medicine and dietetics. She believes that at all stages of healthcare, a greater emphasis should be placed on disease prevention and using lifestyle interventions first and foremost to prevent and reverse chronic diseases. In recent years, she has discovered the power of using simple but effective lifestyle measures, including diet, and witnessed the profound effect these can have on improving her patients’ and her own health. For more information, call  +61 1300 4 SANTE (1300 4 72683),  email or visit the Santé Clinic website at


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    Address: RGV Cardiology, 101 B E Ridge Rd
    United States

    Dr Christian Assad is an interventional cardiologist with a deep interest in the therapeutic applications of low-carb, high-healthy-fat (LCHF), ketogenic and intermittent fasting lifestyles. After his last year of training at (VIVA Endovascular Fellowship at The Fogarty Institute for Innovation in California), he moved to McAllen, the third most obese city in the United States. Not surprisingly,  McAllen has an overwhelming prevalence of diabetes, metabolic syndrome and their complications. After treating several individuals presenting with myocardial infarctions, critical limb ischemia, and other vascular complications in their early 30s, decided to tackle the disease in a far more impactful way. He, therefore, started The Cardio-Metabolic Clinic at RGV Cardiology that focuses on prevention of cardiovascular pathology. For more information, you can contact him by phone on +1 (956) 682-5665, email or his websites at and    


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    Address: 1400 75th St
    United States

    Dr Mary Eldridge has been a “low-carb” physician for several years. Her specialty is clinical lipidology and evidence-based integrative medicine at her practice in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Dr Eldridge has a special interest in helping patients live a low-carb, low LDL-particle number lifestyle. She also treats patients with atherosclerotic disease (heart attacks, strokes) and familial hypercholesterolemia (FH) who have statin intolerance. For more information, you can contact her by calling +1 (262) 656-1911, email, visiting her website at or her Google Place Page: Her twitter account is @lipidologist.


    Category: DOCTORS
    Address: Montgomery House Surgery, Piggy Lane,
    OX26 6HT
    United Kingdom

    Dr Ellen Fallows is a GP partner at Montgomery House Surgery in Bicester outside Oxford in the UK, and also the Regional Director for the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine. Dr Fallows promotes group education and group consultations to spread the latest evidence base for management and reversal of obesity and diabetes with a low-carb approach and fasting, where appropriate.   For more information, you can call Dr Fallows at +44 (0) 1869 249222, email: or visit the website at