Address: Gyvelvej 14 Nødebo
    Fredensborg Municipality

    Misha Sakharoff is an integrative health engineer, Buteyko Breathing Educator and creator of Sakharoff Protocol for fully-measurable reversal of lifestyle disease, based in Denmark. The Sakharoff Protocol is universal and helps to treat health conditions such as asthma, diabetes, cardiovascular, cancer and other diseases by restoring the interplay between five main areas of health. These combine nutrition, breathing, mental-, physical- and immune-resilience through one multi-purpose training process that creates strong synergetic healing. His nutritional work combines therapeutic grade ketogenic, zero-carb, caloric restriction with fasting – intermittent, extended and 5:2. He takes clients one on one and runs supervised 50-weeks online courses based on Sakharoff Protocol. He is also a blogger, public speaker and  podcaster. For more information, you can email or visit him at and    



    Address: Rushington
    United Kingdom

    Sarah Thomas is a British chef, nutritionist and blogger who promotes low-carb, high-fat (LCHF) healthy lifestyles. She has worked in restaurants, cooked for executives and has had a catering company.  She is currently working as a chef for a New Forrest School. She works to improve nutrition in school food. For more on her work and thoughts on LCHF, read her Kitchen Thinker Blog    


    Address: PO Box 389
    United States

    Miriam Kalamian is a US board-certified nutrition professional and a ketogenic nutrition educator, consultant and coach at Dietary Therapies in Hamilton, Montana. As an educator, she consults with individuals and groups who are interested in implementing a ketogenic diet as an adjunct therapy in cancer and neurodegenerative disease. As a consultant, she edits books and prepares educational materials that teach fundamentals of ketogenic diet therapy to healthcare and other interested professionals. Miriam’s book, Keto for Cancer: The Ketogenic Diet as a Targeted Nutritional Strategy (based on the metabolic theory of cancer) is scheduled for release by Chelsea Green Publishing in September 2017.


    Address: Praterstraße 66

    Julia Tulipan  has a master’s degree in biology (zoology). While living in Sweden, she started experiencing severe health problems because of calorie restriction and massive over-training. This led her to question the general dietary advice. Digging deeper into research brought her to the LCHF (low-carb, high-fat) movement which is popular in Sweden.In 2013 she moved back to Vienna as a scientific adviser for a supplement company. She soon started her own business publishing books and working as a nutritional coach. She now specialises in ketogenic diets for athletes, health, and weight loss, with a focus on healthy fats and the Paleo lifestyle.  


    Address: 15 Conception Bay Hwy
    Conception Bay South
    Newfoundland and Labrador
    A1X 6M8

    Angelika Joanna Thomas runs her Fit Eats & Moves website. She is a recipe developer, health and nutrition nut, fitness enthusiast and a firm believer in the power of real food to change lives and reverse disease. When she moved from Poland to Canada in 2000, she says she inevitably started eating not only differently but also the wrong kinds of foods.  Not knowing anything about proper nutrition at that point, she found the convenience foods of North America “quite liberating”. That was in the sense that she spent less time in the kitchen. She didn’t realise that those convenience foods would make her sick and overweight. Fast forward 15 years and she is now advocating, coaching and teaching about the numerous merits of low-carb foods and healthy fats. She has abandoned the damaging processed carbohydrates with which our grocery stores are laced. She spends more time preparing meals using real foods.          


    Address: Ketogenic Diet Resource,
    United States

    Ellen Davis has a master’s degree in applied clinical nutrition and created the Ketogenic Diet Resource website five years ago. The website is a comprehensive, research-based resource on the use of ketogenic diets to improve health and wellbeing and lower the risks of developing the diseases and injury associated with industrialisation, mainstream medicine and processed foods. She also offers e-books on treating cancer and diabetes, both type 1 and type 2, with a ketogenic diet. Ellen says you can minimize your risks of developing heart disease, diabetes, cancer and other diseases well into old age, if you are willing to look at the true causes and explore the benefits of cultivating truly healthy eating habits. For more information, you can email her at  


    Address: N/A
    New South Wales

    Elisha Danine is an Australian clinical nutritionist and certified Banting coach who specialises in nutrition for weight loss insulin resistance, digestive issues and mental health.  Danine has significant experience in complementary health, particularly in helping to work through food-related issues such as diabetes and obesity. She believes in a low-carb, healthy-fat approach to treat metabolic dysfunction.  


    Address: 18 Orchard Gardens
    GU6 7LG
    United Kingdom

    Charlotte Hunter provides her clients with expert nutritional advice in straightforward language and with a “to the point” approach. For Charlotte, good nutrition is all about what you can eat, not what you can’t. In fact, she says nutrition very often  is about eating more food and having more choice, not less. Charlotte helps you: Understand how to eat healthily without giving up the foods you love. Eat yummy, healthy food that leaves you feeling energised and balanced. Make small, practical,  changes to your diet with big results. Eat healthily even with the hectic pace of life today.    


    Address: Prime Human Performance Institute, 44 Isaiah Ntshangase Rd
    South Africa

    South African Keri Strachan is a registered dietitian at the Prime Human Performance Institute and  One Sports and Wellness in Durban and Hillcrest. Her main  interests are in sports nutrition and an ever-growing passion for low-carb, high-fat nutrition therapies. In her private practice, she sees a range of clients with diabetes, cardiovascular disease, polycystic ovarian syndrome, weight loss problems. Keri also consults for children on healthy eating.    


    Address: Naperville
    United States

    Kathleen Blizzard, MS, RDN, LD, CNSC, CLT, offers functional nutrition interventions utilising the ketogenic diet and specialised testing (for info, visit She describes herself as “part functional medicine dietitian and part foodie with a side of hard-core athlete”. As a board-certified nutrition support clinician, she helps people become the healthiest version of themselves through treatment plans based on micronutrient assessment and food sensitivity testing. She believes that nutrigenomics is one of the  greatest health-optimising skills on the planet. She says everyone — from athletes to couch potatoes, stay at home moms to business executives, kids to adults, urbanites to farmers — needs to learn it.


    Address: R. Dr. Alceu de Campos Rodrigues
    São Paulo
    São Paulo

    Dr Turi Souza is a nutrition specialist in low-carb and Paleo diets for functional and sports nutrition in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He is the author of Emagreca Ja! Visit his website at      


    Address: 33 Alice St

    Kate Rogers is a Senior Dietitian and Bone Densitometrist with Fig Tree Health ( in Atherton, Australia. She provides individual consultations advising people on their diet to achieve good health and prevent/manage disease through optimum nutrition. Somewhere in between travelling the world, getting married and having three children, Kate has managed to hold down a number of positions including Senior Diabetes Dietitian at Royal Melbourne Hospital, Head Community Dietitian for the Central Western Region of Qld and Primary Health Care (Nutrition) Specialist at Cairns TAFE. She has found her niche in private practice and can now lay claim to over 17 years experience as a Private Practice Dietitian (mostly in rural areas).


    Address: 3 On Crescent
    South Africa

    Stephanie Joyner of Complete Living ( is a  consulting dietician based in Pietermaritzburg, in South Africa. She has been using low-carb,healthy fat, real food regimens in her practice for some years now.  She says there is no such thing as a one-size- fits-all approach for weight loss or the management of medical conditions. She sees each person as a unique individual, with different needs, goals and lifestyles. Stephanie says a holistic and lifestyle approach is needed for any improvement in wellness. Nutrition is just  one part of the puzzle. However, one should not underestimate the positive impact that an eating plan which focuses on whole foods and nutrient density can have one one’s health and body composition. Seeing somebody with metabolic syndrome, diabetes, high blood pressure or any other chronic condition transform into a leaner, healthier and happier person brings her immense joy. Being a Comrades marathon runner, she also enjoys working with athletes, from elites to weekend warriors.    


    Address: 6625 10th St
    United States

    Christine Lehmann, MA, NTP/Reverse Diabetes Coach/Nutrition and Wellness Consulting, is a nutritionist who helps people to  reverse type 2 diabetes naturally and prevent its medical complications. Her  effective strategy combines a whole-foods low-carb diet, exercise, stress management and supplements. She also treats conditions that can lead to type 2 diabetes including prediabetes, metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance and polycystic ovarian syndrome. She sees clients by Skype video and in person at her metro Washington DC office. She is available after hours and at weekends.      


    Address: 7 Ferguson Rd
    South West of Western Australia

    Liz Mountford is a degree-qualified Nutritional Medicine Practitioner at Food and Nutrition Therapies (  practising in the south west of Western Australia. She is completing her research honours in Nutritional and Dietetics Medicine, focusing on the effects of nutrition on Parkinson’s Disease. She believes passionately in food as medicine and works with clients by providing informed choices around the different dietary approaches for disease management. Liz is a particular advocate of diets such as LCHF as a long-term solution for the treatment of diabetes, obesity and other health conditions. She is making it her mission to bring the most up-to-date nutritional information to  country communities in the southwest corner of Western Australia to empower people to take control of their own health through food and nutrition.  


    Address: Real Food for Gestational Diabetes
    Port Angeles
    United States

    Lily Nichols is a researcher, speaker, and author with a passion for evidence-based prenatal nutrition and a unique specialty in gestational diabetes. As a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist and Certified Diabetes Educator, she is the first to advocate for a nutrient-dense, lower_carb diet for managing gestational diabetes. Her book, Real Food for Gestational Diabetes ,and online course of the same name have helped thousands of women have healthy babies – and most without the need for blood sugar-lowering medication. What has now been dubbed her “Real Food Approach” is being used in several research studies.  


    Address: Kenilworth Medicross, 67 Rosmead Avenue
    Cape Town
    Western Cape
    South Africa

    At Real Food Dietitians, South African registered dietitians Tamzyn Murphy Campbell and Bridget Surtees believe in a whole food, real food approach for everyone. In simple terms, this means: no refined carbohydrates, no packaged foods and no added sugars. By eating this way, they say we will naturally eat a lower-carbohydrate, higher-fat diet. They don’t believe in a “one size fits all” approach. Some individuals’ medical history will dictate a very low-carbohydrate approach; others may tolerate higher levels. The same goes for fats. Tamzyn and Bridget provide private, couple, family and Skype nutritional consultations. Their focus is on adults with overweight/obesity, PCOS, features of the metabolic syndrome (high blood pressure, hyperlipidaemia, overweight, central adiposity), diabetes (type 1 and type 2) and sports people who want to adapt to an LCHF lifestyle. They provide guidance for healthy eating during pregnancy and nutrition through the ages. They are available for group talks and nutritional training and education.


    Address: PO Box 324
    United States

    Amy Berger  (Tuit Nutrition, has a passion is sharing her knowledge about how amazing people can feel when they correct their body’s chemistry by ditching refined carbohydrates and eating delicious foods they’ve been avoiding for too long: red meat, butter, cheese, bacon, and more. She specializes in helping people get started and  doing troubleshooting with low-carb diets for weight loss, blood sugar management, improved energy levels, hormone balance, fertility, and more. She also focuses on ketogenic diets for neurological issues, neuromuscular conditions, and overall brain health and cognitive function. She advocates that real men and women need real food, not lettuce!  


    Address: 13 Amy St

    Anthony Power is a registered nutritionist at Anthony Power Nutrition. He says the key is that he spends a great deal of time with his patients in regards to education and  especially the right foods to eat and how to cook. He places strong emphasis on the low-carbohydrate and high-fat/ketogenic diet to set a solid foundation of health. He treats many chronic diseases including diabetes, GIT disorders, auto-immune and other inflammatory conditions. He takes a full family history and investigates the impact that environmental, genetic and lifestyle issues that may be having/have had on his patients. He will also assess blood tests to make sure they are optimal. For more info, call him on 07-33999047 (clinic) or 0417911219 (mobile).


    Address: 255 Magic Dr
    British Columbia
    V1V 1N2

    Tammy McDonald is a student of holistic nutrition with the Edison Institute in Canada. Her passion is in exploring health and healing through nutrition and lifestyle. She is an advocate of LCHF, whole foods, primal living, wild edibles, gardening, ferments, and bone broth. She  dreams of a day when gardens and edible landscapes grow free at every food bank, mission, school, in every home and public place, and where knowledge is freely shared.  Tammy wants to help educate people to help them take control of their own health, to understand they have options. For more information, read her blog at