Address: Geibelstraße 9

    Dr Nicolai Worm is a nutrition consultant and lecturer and professor of nutrition at the German University of Prevention and Health Care Management (at Saarbrücken) and has published 17 books on diet and nutrition. He was the first to promote a “Paleo-diet” in Germany in the year 2000. Since 2003, he promotes Mediterranean-style, low-carb diets. For more information, you can email him at or visit his website at  


    Address: Keto Coaching
    Central Netherlands
    3571 KG

    Sevi Rutgrink is a nutritionist and keto coach based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Sevi has first-hand experience of the benefits of low-carb, high healthy-fat (LCHF) and keto therapies. She solved her own health issues that included leaky gut syndrome, IBS and Raynaud’s syndrome after doing intensive research and finally settling on a ketogenic lifestyle. As a result, she has been 100% symptom-free since. That has made her passionate about helping others to achieve optimal health. In her keto coaching practice and as a personal keto coach, she understands that the transition to a ketogenic diet is not always easy and both practical and emotional support is vital in the first months. For more information, contact Sevi on email or visit her international and Dutch websites at and or her Facebook page:  


    Address: Banting Nederland, Voorschoterlaan 41A
    South Holland
    3062 KH

    Louisette Blikkenhorst is an orthomolecular therapist, nutritionist and certified Banting coach, who runs the Banting Nederland practice in Rotterdam in The Netherlands. She supports clients with a wide range of health issues with advice on lifestyle, low-carb, high-fat diets and supplements where appropriate. For more information, you can call her on +31-6-25008494, email or visit the website  


    Address: Lots of Keto
    South Holland

    Lotte Damen is a registered dietitian in the Netherlands who runs Lots of Keto, a service that she founded. It’s an all-in-one, online evidence-based source providing clients with complete materials such as recipes, meal plans and different guides that will help to start and maintain a keto lifestyle with success. Lotte says that keto should be fun, accessible to everyone, scientifically based, and most of all: easy to implement in busy daily life schedules.  She has specialised in low-carb nutrition since completing her final internship at The Noakes Foundation in South Africa and has successfully completed the Foundation’s Professional Training in LCHF/Ketogenic Nutrition. She is also an enthusiastic long-distance runner. For more information, call  +31612359977, email, visit her website at or her Facebook page at  


    Address: Greek Goes Keto,
    Decentralized Administration of Attica
    105 53

    Apollonas-Georgios Kapsalis is a nutritionist, writer and personal trainer with a passion for low-carb and ketogenic lifestyles. He has intensive experience in consulting, writing and training individuals, teams and groups and works internationally. With graphic artist, speaker and journalist wife Roberta, he runs the Greek Goes Keto website. The couple are pioneering LCHF/keto lifestyles in Greece and Croatia.  With his background in nutrition, more specifically in the ketogenic diet, he has added Mediterranean ingredients that are making him one of the pioneers in low-carb movements in those countries. They have a cookbook coming out soon. Watch this space!  For more information, you can email Apollonas and Roberta at or visit the Greek Goes Keto website at


    Address: N/A
    New York
    New York City
    United States

    Dr Brittanie Volk is a registered dietitian, scientist and senior clinical patient engagement specialist at Virta Health. Since 2006, she has focused her research and training on understanding the link between nutrition and metabolic health. Dr Volk received her Ph D from the University of Connecticut, where she studied well-formulated ketogenic diets and their implications in both sport and disease under the mentorship of expert nutrition researcher Dr Jeff Volek. She has seen firsthand the powerful impact of making science-based diet recommendations to reverse type 2 diabetes and other chronic metabolic conditions. Dr Volk joined Virta to help people achieve better health by translating the science into real-world applications. For more information, email her at or visit her at the Virta website


    Address: Cairnmore
    Logie Coldstone
    AB34 5PQ
    United Kingdom

    Lisa Bailey is a qualified naturopathic nutritionist, a  Primal Health Coach and personal trainer who helps clients reach their health and fitness goals through nutrition and exercise programs. For more information, call +44 (0) 7780978848 or email her at


    Address: 286 Bolton St

    Gillian Harvey is an Australian Clinical Nutritionist and founder of Plate of Life Nutrition, based in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Gillian works with clients to manage a broad range of health conditions including metabolic disease, food allergies, gut health and weight loss through personalised integrative treatment programs. Gillian recognises that the modern western diet (or Standard Australian Diet – S.A.D.) often leads to a state of being overfed (energy) whilst being undernourished (nutrients), which has led her to focus on nutrient-rich diets including low carb. Based at The Ridge Health & Wellbeing Centre in Eltham, she offers Skype and mobile services as well. For more information, email Gillian at, visit, join her on Facebook,  follow her on Twitter @plateoflife or call +61 3 9005 6673.  


    Address: Kozyatağı Mahallesi

    Sencer Bulut is a Turkish sports and lifestyle nutritionist and runs a low-carb, high-fat (LCHF) and intermittent fasting centre in Istanbul where he works with patients who have insulin resistance, diabetes and obesity problems. Sencer is also a Certified Banting Coach and supports the work of the Noakes Foundation’s Network Coalition.  For more information, email him at or visit his SB website at


    Address: N/A
    South East Queensland

    Annie Coogans-Sorby is a  mature age full-time food and nutrition student through La Trobe University. Thanks to Professor Tim Noakes, Dr Peter Brukner, Dr Maryanne Demasi and the Australian Catalyst science show, she has been on a low-carb, high-fat (LCHF) eating regimen for nearly four years. During that time, she has lost almost 40kg and healed herself of many ailments. She decided to train professionally as a nutritionist after suggestions by others that the way she was eating was dangerous and as she had no qualifications, she might be putting her health at risk.  While spending time at home raising her four daughters, she became a volunteer breastfeeding counsellor to help other mums feed their babies the most natural and healthy way possible. Her LCHF journey is a natural progression from that. She is now a keen LCHF/keto advocate and is mentoring others on their weight loss and health journeys. For more information, you can email her at


    Address: Cochrane Street,
    Hong Kong
    Hong Kong Island
    Hong Kong (SAR)

    Oliver Smith is a kinesiologist and nutrition specialist at Kinesiology Asia. He offers a personalised Ketogenic Program, which aims to provide guidance and support for clients on reaping the maximum health benefits of going ketogenic (very low-carb, high-fat). He says that kinesiology can help to optimise the ketogenic diet for the body’s needs and r specific health goals. That’s in addition to helping to restore balance to the gastrointestinal system naturally and holistically. For more information, please email Oliver at or visit the website at  


    Address: 936 Jacques street
    South Africa

    Elzette Struwig is a registered dietitian and the owner of Metabolica Med practice in Pretoria. She studied B Dietetics at the University of Pretoria, and underwent training on the ketogenic diet at Matthew’s Friends Keto-College in the United Kingdom. She has been working with low-carb, high-fat (LCHF) diets for the past few years. She is also an advocate for the ketogenic diet in refractory epilepsy and in cancer as combination therapy. She has seen the benefits of low-carb living in her patients as well as her own personal life. For more information email her at or visit Metabolica Med website at


    Address: 3141 Okemos Road, Suite 11
    Meridian charter Township
    United States

    Ideal Weight Loss, Health & Wellness is a practice of dietitians and nutritionists who work with individuals for their own health and weight loss needs. They offer support and accountability through one-on-one coaching in their office, over Skype, and by text.  They teach the importance of understanding how to feed your body for nutritional needs rather than to feel full.  An important part of creating a healthy lifestyle is by changing clients and patients’ ideas and previous habits surrounding food. Their primary focus is on teaching a nutritional ketogenic lifestyle (low carb, high fat). Fat does not make your fat, it makes you full! Program Director, Susan Radway struggled with several autoimmune diseases and had been debilitated for four months during her 11-year struggle. After losing 50lbs in 2012 and relearning how to eat, she restored her own health. The practice’s entire staff has lost a total of 150lbs. They understand the struggle and know how to prevent you from gaining it back. For more information, email them at, visit their website  or chat on their Facebook page at


    Address: Fremont Spine & Wellness, 3514 Fremont Ave N
    United States

    Alexandra Kulick is a nutrition and lifestyle coach at Fremont Spine & Wellness clinic in Seattle, Washington. In addition to chiropractic support and therapeutic massage, Fremont Spine & Wellness offers many complementary wellness services, including nutrition counseling, healthy lifestyle accountability coaching, and weight management. As an authorized Ideal Protein business operator, Fremont Spine & Wellness offers patients and clients a comprehensive health solution, which offers wholesome, low-carb meal plans with continued lifestyle education to support them in their weight loss goals.  For more information, you can email her at or visit the clinic website at


    Address: Keto Carole
    United States

    Carole Freeman, MS, CN, CHt, helps people achieve sustainable weight loss with her Fast-Track to Keto Success program that addresses both the nutrition and psychology of a well-formulated ketogenic diet. A graduate of Bastyr University in Kenmore, WA,  with both a master’s degree in Nutrition and Clinical Health Psychology, Carole is a Certified Nutritionist, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, and Ketogenic Diet Implementation Specialist. She is also a soon to be published author. After a disabling car accident in 2014, Carole discovered the power of the ketogenic diet to heal her brain and chronic pain as well as a delicious way of eating for long-lasting weight loss. For more information, you can email her at or visit her website at


    Address: 34 Rue Clément Ader

    Magali Walkowicz is a registered French dietician and nutritionist with a private practice at MW Dietetique in Toulouse.  Her specialties are ketogenic diets in the context of cancer and neurodegenerative pathologies, low-carb diets, low-carb vegan diets and fasting. Her work relies exclusively on scientific research. Magali has a degree in philosophy and dietetics and is author of books on low-carb and keto diets for Thierry Souccar Editions and La plage editions, among them Céto cuisine, and writes regularly for Alternatif bien-être. You can follow her on Facebook at Diététicienne Toulouse Magali Walkowicz or email at for more information.  


    Address: 31809 Olazti/Olazagutía

    Cecilia Lobato is a Spanish dietitian in Olazagutia, in the Navarre region, who is studying for a diploma in nutrition therapy. In her practice, Cecilia promotes a low-carb, high-fat approach to treating and preventing diseases such as obesity and diabetes. Her approach is based on eating real food, that is, nutrient-dense food as close to its natural state as possible. Cecilia also writes articles and public nutrition and integrative health issues on her blog. For more information, contact her at .  


    Address: The Nutrition Guru
    United Kingdom

    John Carmichael is a qualified nutritionist in Gloucestershire who has a BSc (Hons) Nutrition and PGDip Nutrition and Behaviour. He is also an associate registered nutritionist with the Association for Nutrition and a member of The Nutrition Society in the UK. He is a qualified personal trainer and exercise referral consultant, registered with the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPS). John offers nutritional and fitness advice for weight loss, fitness training. He advocates and encourages intermittent fasting, low-carb, real food eating, combined with mindfulness eating habits. John is also developing a keto-based food outlet to provide low-carb food at events. For more information, you can call him on +44 (0) 7725333329, e-mail: or visit his website, The Nutrition Guru at


    Address: Metro Dietetics, 72 Wales St

    Feng-Yuan Liu is clinical dietitian founder and co-director of Metro Dietetics. She and her team at Metro Dietetics are committed to translating cutting edge research to practical advice for clients and patients. They believe that it is vital when making recommendations to take all new emerging research into consideration. Their purpose and mission are to help people achieve the happiest, healthiest versions of themselves. This involves telling them exactly what they need to hear. It isn’t always what they might want to hear, Feng-Yuan says. For more information, call +61 (0) 3 9484 1990 email: or visit the website at                


    Address: Homedale Health, 34 Denmark Rd
    EX1 1SE
    United Kingdom

    Sarah Flower is a leading UK nutritionist, low-carb campaigner and author of The Sugar Free Family Cookbook, Low Carb Slow Cooker and Eating to Beat Diabetes. Sarah promotes the benefits of low carb and makes it easy for all the family. She runs seminars and residential retreats teaching low-carb and sugar-free lifestyles, including cookery workshops. She also offers private nutritional consultations, weight loss clinics and nutritional support throughout the UK. Sarah is also a Banting Coach, working with The Real Meal Revolution. You can email her at:, visit her website at or follow her Facebook Page: EverydaySugarfree.

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