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    Angelika Joanna Thomas runs her Fit Eats & Moves website. She is a recipe developer, health and nutrition nut, fitness enthusiast and a firm believer in the power of real food to change lives and reverse disease. When she moved from Poland to Canada in 2000, she says she inevitably started eating not only differently but also the wrong kinds of foods.  Not knowing anything about proper nutrition at that point, she found the convenience foods of North America “quite liberating”. That was in the sense that she spent less time in the kitchen. She didn’t realise that those convenience foods would make her sick and overweight. Fast forward 15 years and she is now advocating, coaching and teaching about the numerous merits of low-carb foods and healthy fats. She has abandoned the damaging processed carbohydrates with which our grocery stores are laced. She spends more time preparing meals using real foods.




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