Address: The Health Guru
    New Smyrna Beach
    United States

    Connie Rogers is a US Integrative Nutritional Holistic Health Coach, Brain/Gut Coach and Skin Health Coach with more than 40 years experience, accredited through American Association of Drugless Practitioners, who uses a plant-based low-carb, high-healthy-fat approach in her practice. Connie is also author of  Path to a Healthy Mind & Body. Her philosophy is that health and wellness are established with proper nutrition, fitness, and awareness. For more information, you can call +1 501-681-3870, email Connie at, visit her websites at, and, follow her on Twitter @reverseage or her Facebook pages  and .


    Address: N/A
    South Africa

    Chantal van der Merwe runs Lean Fit Keto, a service that is dedicated to education and promotion of the benefits of the Ketogenic diet in relation to your health, exercise and nutrition. Her mission is to provide information, inspiration and the science of this amazing way of life. She provides personalized nutrition coaching, easy-to-follow meal plans, delicious recipes, workout plans and much, much more. Chantal has been in the health and fitness industry for 15 years. For more information, please call +27829683237, email her at, click here to visit her Facebook page or visit her website at


    Address: 9 Chimillas,

    Dr Jorge García-Dihinx Villanova is a paediatrician at Huesca Servicio Aragonés de Salud (Aragon Health Service) in  San Jorge Hospital, where he runs the out-patient clinic of  Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition. On Fridays, his out-patient clinic is devoted to treating children who have obesity and other diet-related illnesses successfully with a low-carb, healthy-fat (LCHF) diet. He says that both the children and their families are able to lose weight safely without feeling hungry. For more information, you can call  +34 600571199, email, follow him on Twitter @JDihinx,  or visit his blog at


    Madhya Pradesh

    Anup Singh is an Indian metallurgical engineer who qualified at the IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) Roorkee and was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in February 2011.  Since that time, he has used dietary change to attain A1C of 5.6 max, without any medications. That prompted him to founded, an active Indian community focusing on low-carb, high-fat (LCHF) and ketogenic diets as a means to manage diabetes, obesity, PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and metabolic syndrome issues. The site already has hundreds of success stories of citizens in India managing their diabetes successfully and works toward a target A1C of 5.6 max with least dependence on drugs. The community consists of a diverse mix of type1 and type that includes doctors, engineers and professionals from other fields. A moderating team of 20 includes a medical doctor and helps all newcomers to the site. For more information, please email Anup on or visit the website at


    Address: PO Box 18863
    United States

    Dr Angela Stanton runs Stanton Migraine Protocol Inc (non-profit) in California. Dr Stanton works with migraine sufferers helping them to understand what migraine is and how best to prevent and treat it. That includes a low-carb dietary approach as she believes that migraine is a metabolic condition. She provides full service however long it takes for the migraineur to adjust to lifestyle changes. Her clients are from all over the world and the majority of the migraineurs get free service on Facebook in several closed groups. Dr Stanton is author of Fighting The Migraine Epidemic: A Complete Guide: How To Treat & Prevent Migraines Without Medicine“, available in paperback and e-book. She is also co-author of other books. She is working on a book on the ketogenic diet custom-tailored for migraineurs.  For more information, you can email Dr Stanton directly on or visit her website at  


    Address: Condell Avenue
    New Zealand

    John Veitch runs Open Future Health, a New Zealand-based website offering the opportunity to learn about LCHF living in an easy to understand way. He runs regular public seminars in Christchurch, a blog and a monthly newsletter. John offers Open Future Health as a low-cost forum for people on this transformational health journey. For more information, email him at or visit the website at


    Address: Metro Dietetics, 72 Wales St

    Feng-Yuan Liu is clinical dietitian founder and co-director of Metro Dietetics. She and her team at Metro Dietetics are committed to translating cutting edge research to practical advice for clients and patients. They believe that it is vital when making recommendations to take all new emerging research into consideration. Their purpose and mission are to help people achieve the happiest, healthiest versions of themselves. This involves telling them exactly what they need to hear. It isn’t always what they might want to hear, Feng-Yuan says. For more information, call +61 (0) 3 9484 1990 email: or visit the website at                


    Address: N/A
    Greater London
    United Kingdom

    Dr Madhvi Chanrai is a trustee and volunteer of the Hand In Hand International charity and an independent researcher.  Dr Chanrai graduated from the University of Cambridge in 1986 where she studied medicine and ‘food and human nutrition’ as an undergraduate option. She later became a GP. On her blog, The Doctor’s Digest, Dr Chanrai says that she has been ‘obsessed with diets, food and cooking for nigh on 40 years’. She has also been reading recipe books and books on nutrition in her spare time since the age of 11. It, therefore, seemed like a natural progression to put some of this knowledge into a blog. She organised a seminar on evolutionary nutrition at the Royal Society of Medicine in London in 2015. She is helping to organise another in Lisbon in October 2017. For more information, you can email Dr Chanrai at or visit her website at For the Lisbon conference, visit  


    Address: 47577 Austin Avenue RPO
    British Columbia
    V3K 6T3

    Joy Y  Kiddie, MSc, RD is a Canadian Registered Dietitian in private practice (The LCHF-Dietitian) who provides services via Distance Consultation to those from across Canada and beyond via telemedicine software. Her website is She can be reached either through the “Contact Me” form on her website or by email at            


    Address: N/A
    Pembroke Pines
    United States

    Lisa La Nasa of diaVerge Diabetes is a low-carb writer, advocate, wellness coach and warrior who has been living with type 1 diabetes since 2002. For years – 12 to be exact – she followed the recommended diet plan her doctors gave her. The plan was no plan at all: just eat what you want and cover it with insulin. After struggling with diabetes for all that time, Lisa went searching for answers and ended up changing her life in the process. In 2015, Lisa launched diaVerge Diabetes where she writes about the low-carb approach to diabetes management, cooking and travel with diabetes. Lisa believes everyone with diabetes has the right to know how a low-carb lifestyle can help attain normal (non-diabetic) blood glucose levels.  


    Address: True To Our Makings, 1809 Barrington St
    Nova Scotia
    B3J 3K8

    Lisa Sooley is a Canadian certified health coach with a background in evolutionary and medical sciences. Lisa uses an ancestral-health approach to metabolic health and obesity-recovery in her transformational health-coaching services. For more information, visit Lisa on her True to Our Makings website or email her at: lisa(at)  


    Address: Rushington
    United Kingdom

    Sarah Thomas is a British chef, nutritionist and blogger who promotes low-carb, high-fat (LCHF) healthy lifestyles. She has worked in restaurants, cooked for executives and has had a catering company.  She is currently working as a chef for a New Forrest School. She works to improve nutrition in school food. For more on her work and thoughts on LCHF, read her Kitchen Thinker Blog    


    Address: Pet Varsity
    Salt Lake City
    United States

    Daniel Schulof is a US attorney, pet industry entrepreneur and author of Dogs, Dog Food, and Dogma: The Silent Epidemic Killing America’s Dogs and the New Science That Could Save Your Best Friend’s Life. In 2011, he left the legal world to found a small business, Varsity Pets. It is an organisation devoted to raising awareness of the extent of the rising epidemic of obesity in dogs and why it is worse for animals than smoking is in human. He also writes on The Optimal Dog. Daniel is an extreme athlete whose extensive research into obesity in humans, as well as dogs, led him to understand the effects on dog’s health of misinformation that the powerful pet food industry disseminates. He soon became aware of the many benefits of low-carb living for both animals and humans. For more information, email him at  


    Address: Newtown Primary Care and Health Specialists, 170 Mt Pleasant Rd
    United States

    Dr Cate Shanahan’s training is in family medicine with a background in biochemistry and genetics, from Cornell. Dr Shanahan helps employers improve productivity and reduce healthcare costs by cultivating healthy individual and organization-wide behavior and skills. She has authored three books including Deep Nutrition: Why Your Genes Need Traditional Food and THE FATBURN FIX, with MacMillan, released in March 2020. She has served as independent advisor or consultant to dozens of companies and organizations throughout the world including the LA Lakers, OKC Thunder, Villanova Basketball, beliv – CBC Beverages, & Natural Stacks. In 2011, Dr Shanahan created a nutrition program for the LA Lakers that many NBA and professional sports teams have emulated. This program, along with the 2008 edition of Deep Nutrition, is credited with helping spark the current bone-broth and collagen craze, as well as inspiring thought leaders in the nutrition and keto space. Since 2018, she has assisted ABC Fine Wines and Spirits optimize the health of their 1600+ employees and family members by providing concierge care and creating educational programs. Objective markers of success include biomarkers and elimination of medications.  For more information,  call +1 203 236 1818 or learn more at 


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    Address: Livin' La Vida Low-Carb
    South Carolina
    United States

    Jimmy Moore is a US author, blogger and brains behind the hugely successful Livin’ LaVida Low-Carb website. In January 2004, Jimmy made a momentous decision to get rid of the weight that was literally killing him. At 32 and 410 pounds, the time had come for a radical change of lifestyle. A year later, he had shed 180 pounds, shrunk his waist by 20 inches, and dropped his shirt size from 5XL to XL. After his dramatic weight loss, Jimmy was inundated with requests from friends, neighbors and complete strangers seeking information and help. Jimmy now dedicates his life to helping as many people as possible find the information they need to make the kind of lifestyle change he has made. To that end, he has started a blog and  web-sites to get out the message of lifestyle change and healthy living. His most recent book is The Complete Guide to Fasting, co-authored with Dr Jason Fung. Jimmy has also co-authored books on ketogenic diets with Dr Eric Westman. Visit his website for full details.


    Category: AUTHOR/BLOGGER
    Address: Shailer Park QLD 4128
    Shailer Park

    Australian Marty Kendall is the brains behind the popular Optimising Nutrition blog and website. He works to develop systems to optimise our food choices to suit different goals (for example therapeutic ketosis, diabetes management, weight loss, athletic performance etc) using the parameters of insulin load, nutrient-density and energy-density.  For more info, visit  


    Address: Jackson
    United States

    Kelly Tan Peterson runs Cooking Inspired By Love, LLC. Kelly is the owner of an interior design business turned ketogenic food “designer”, an excellent cook and author of the award-winning book Keto East. She was a successful business woman in Singapore when she met her husband-to-be, US MD Dan Peterson, on a blind date. Kelly noticed Dan didn’t eat any bread, pasta or rice but rather all the [delicious] fatty foods she had always deprived herself to avoid gaining weight. He was eating extra pork, cream, butter, chicken with the skin and was fit and trim! Dan explained the positive results he enjoys eating in the ketogenic way. Curious and in love, she embarked on the keto lifestyle receiving the same positive benefits of a slim body, satisfying meals and consistent energy levels. She spent years developing her favorite Asian cuisine for her husband and herself but felt a desire to share this amazing transformational keto way with others. Her vibrant personality quickly garnered a large social media following and she has organized active Keto groups around the globe. By popular demand, Kelly pulled together her favorite Asian recipes in Keto East, and has plethora of excellent recipes for Keto West Read more [...]


    Address: Praterstraße 66

    Julia Tulipan  has a master’s degree in biology (zoology). While living in Sweden, she started experiencing severe health problems because of calorie restriction and massive over-training. This led her to question the general dietary advice. Digging deeper into research brought her to the LCHF (low-carb, high-fat) movement which is popular in Sweden.In 2013 she moved back to Vienna as a scientific adviser for a supplement company. She soon started her own business publishing books and working as a nutritional coach. She now specialises in ketogenic diets for athletes, health, and weight loss, with a focus on healthy fats and the Paleo lifestyle.  


    Address: Ketogenic Diet Resource,
    United States

    Ellen Davis has a master’s degree in applied clinical nutrition and created the Ketogenic Diet Resource website five years ago. The website is a comprehensive, research-based resource on the use of ketogenic diets to improve health and wellbeing and lower the risks of developing the diseases and injury associated with industrialisation, mainstream medicine and processed foods. She also offers e-books on treating cancer and diabetes, both type 1 and type 2, with a ketogenic diet. Ellen says you can minimize your risks of developing heart disease, diabetes, cancer and other diseases well into old age, if you are willing to look at the true causes and explore the benefits of cultivating truly healthy eating habits. For more information, you can email her at  


    Address: Dubai Investment Park - 2
    United Arab Emirates

    Ahmed Afifi is a mechanical engineer, certified energy manager, author and associate diabetes educator. He was diagnosed with LADA (latent autoimmune diabetes in adults) in 2003 and was “lost with high blood sugar numbers and non-control of diabetes until 2010”. Then he found the book, The Diabetes Solution, by  Dr Richard K Bernstein. It changed his life. His blood sugar markers and  triglycerides came down dramatically. He is now a low-carb advocate and author of What you do not know about Diabetes  in Arabic. He has also written many diabetes management‘s articles in many Middle Eastern news papers and on my website  and  his Facebook page