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    Australian Dr David Johnson is a neurosurgeon, spinal surgeon and  MD of City To Coast Neurosurgery and The Pain and Neurostimulation Clinic based at Brisbane Private Hospital. Dr Johnson cofounded Sunshine Spine Multidisciplinary Clinic and the Functional Movement Training Centre for Low Back Pain. He has a broad scope of practice in cranial neurosurgery and  particular interest in management of low back pain with the necessary multifaceted expertise, including pain surgery and non-surgical rehabilitation using his team’s pioneering Functional Movement Training. Dr Johnson emphasises the importance of nutrition as the foundation of health for all patients.  As Chairmen of the Brisbane Private Hospital Nutrition Committee he helped to bring healthy food choices to his hospital and is regularly invited to speak on diabesity and metabolic syndrome including for the group, Low Carb Down Under. For more information, visit Dr Johnson at http://citytocoastneurosurgery.com.au/dr-david-johnson.php

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